Gurl Horoscopes April 2013


Yay, it’s spring! This month you will enjoy a huge surge in your ambition. Focus and clarity and energy are all in the cards for you this spring. You are becoming a whole new you. A strong and certain leader is being born. Follow your instincts. Just remember to have some fun, even if that means researching a new idea. Connect to the earth when you need to relax. You have mountains to climb Capricorn, but don’t forget that where you are now is pretty great too. Life is what happens when you are making other plans-Enjoy the moment.

Horoscope Helping: Angel Food French Toast to help you remember to research new ideas via How Sweet It Is

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  • girl

    why does the capricorn girl look like she’s the devil’s daughter wtf

  • JerseyGirl1999

    I can’t see any of the freaking pictures

    • Shanaynay

      Hahaah me either i had to click on like 6 of them to find mine.