Gurl Horoscopes April 2013

Spring is here even though the weather is taking its sweet time with getting warmer. And today is April Fool’s Day, but these horoscopes are no joke!

Spring horoscopes may bring you just the kind of change you’re looking for with the new season. This month you’ll also be getting a recipe designed for your sign!

Click on your sign below to see what your horoscope is this month!

Was your horoscope right this month? What insight did it give you? Tell us in the comments!

Did you miss last month’s horoscope? See if it was right!

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  • girl

    why does the capricorn girl look like she’s the devil’s daughter wtf

  • JerseyGirl1999

    I can’t see any of the freaking pictures

    • Shanaynay

      Hahaah me either i had to click on like 6 of them to find mine.