8 Tips On How To Trust Your Boyfriend If He Cheated

Learning how to trust someone can be hard – but learning how to trust a cheater? That is way more difficult.

Maybe you just discovered that your boyfriend is a cheater – either he cheated on you, or you found out that he has cheated in the past. If he cheated, it’s okay to agree to give him a second chance if you want. But once you decide to do that, you need to learn how to trust him again and that’s where things can get tricky.

So how do you trust your boyfriend after he cheats? It will take some time and effort, but if you think he’s worth it, then maybe you should go for it. Here are some tips to help you guys build your relationship back up to where it once was.

Have you ever taken back a cheater? How did it go? Did you find these tips helpful? Tell us in the comments.


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  1. avatarnono says:

    my boyfriend and i have a 4years old daughter. we have been together for 5years now, and his been cheating me each and every year we’ve been together. i found him at his house many times with the girl, he told me he dosent love that girl its just all about sex. he always come to me and barg me to come back to him. he says he love me and he wasnt to spend the rest of his life with me and because i love him too i always fall for it. but will continue to do the same thing (cheating) again. so i wnant to know if he is the guy for me, how can i trust him again

  2. avatarkatiana says:

    This is kinda complicated cause my fiance now was once just a guy i was messing around with and he always lied to me saying im the only 1 hes messing around with too and i believed him cause i waa always straight up n honest with him n i made it clear that i expected the same from him…anyway 1 nite i found a used condom beside his bed n i was aching inside but i sat him down calmly and told him if u tell me the truth i can forgive u cause we have nothing serious just yet u r not mine…so he admitted n was sorry…we continued messing around…i secretly put bb protect on his phone to tract him if hes changed…after 1 month gps shows he was at a hotel…i showed up he came out to me…lied n said shes a colleague from work n he was visiting…i ended it cause i knew he was lieing…after a few days without me he called begging that he wants me n needs me n he fell inlove with me n his life is empty without me…i felt the same afterall my son knew him also n was asking where he was…i finally decided to forgive him and we began a full blown relationship…no sneaking…friends n family knew and we got engaged…a few montha now into the relationahip and hes still on gps which he nos about n gave me the permission to cause he has nothing to hide he says….but still im not able to trust him…he goes to work n back home and still im obsessed with nagging him n hes getting tired of me…i mean common i have him on gps and still i feel 1 day hes gonna slip…can it be hes changed or am i feeling like this cause of what he did n i havent realy forgiven him…what yall think and what should i do to stop feeling like this…i mite loose him

  3. avatarJeanne says:

    Hi. My boyfriend for almost two years cheated on me last week. We got into an argument & he went out with his friends to drink & it turns out he drank to much. He confessed to me everything that he did & he was hysterical crying saying how sorry he was & how it was a huge mistake & that he feels like an a**hole. Now I believe in mistakes & I love him with all of my heart. I forgave him because I am a very forgiving person even though he has cheated in the past. The problem is that my parents now are refusing to accept him for my sake. I know that they’re trying to protect me but I feel like it should be my choice & if it’s wrong then I’ll learn for myself. It’s heartbreaking that my parents won’t give me any chance to explain or let me be with who I want to be. Me & him are so hurt over the whole situation & I just wanted to know what I should do to get my family to let me do what I want to do with my own love life & accept what I choose </3 please respond with some advice for me. I hate feeling like this.

  4. avatarAli says:

    My boyfriend cheated on me , he says it never got physical so in his mind that’s not cheating. this is making it super hard to forgive him. I feel broken and lost I don’t know if I can ever trust him and its killing me.

    • avatarFlorence says:

      If he doesn’t think it was cheating, aka he isn’t sorry, you need to leave him. You’re not going to heal when he ignores probably the worst thing that has ever happened to you.
      (For the record, women on average are more heartbroken when a guy becomes emotionally attached to the other girl but doesn’t get physical, than when a guy cheats and has sex but didn’t care at all about the other girl. Both are still cheating.)

  5. avatarAl says:

    My boyfriend and I have moved past this horrible train wreck and are on a great path.. I still have anxiety about it, but for the most part were happy. I’m struggling, though, to forgive his friends. We were in long distance at the time and his friends were very encouraging to live the single life. So how do I forgive them.. It means a lot to my boyfriend that his girlfriend like his friends. What’s the coping method on that?

    • avatarFlorence says:

      It’s not your job to forgive them if they aren’t apologetic, just like it wouldn’t be your job to forgive your boyfriend if he wasn’t sorry for cheating. His friends should have to work for it, and your boyfriend should be talking to them about changing in order to get you to like them if it means so much to him.

  6. avatarNthaby mosola says:

    M havin a long distance relationship wit my man nd he cheated on me twice then itold him its over but he doesnt seem to care should imove on without him?

    • avatarWinterose says:

      Eish!thats hurting ma csta u cant ride a standing train is he seems like he doeznt care dont stress tomuch.There alots of guys out there who can die to have you.move on

  7. avatarKc says:

    My bf cheated on me for 10 months n am still tryin to move forward jn the trust department

  8. avatarMiranda says:

    Im happy to have found this.
    I’m 28 years old, and we have a 15 month old son
    He ha been sending naked pictures an flirting with
    A girl from work. When I had confronting him after
    Finding the photos, he exclaimed it had not become
    So I ad asked her…
    He lied, however, her honesty is what made me
    Think I should try again.
    I’m not sure how to trust him again. But I will try
    If he would have just been honest, it would have
    Been a lot easier to handle.
    I am however a super forgiving person, I don’t
    Want a broken family.
    So I will take this advice, discuss it with him,
    And see where it takes us…
    Thank you for providing this for woman like me,
    Who have no one to ask
    Or are unsure.
    Wish me luck I suppose

    • avatarTired says:

      You should try to stay for your child but understand when a man knows that he will continue to cheat. Just be prepared to be a single mom one day because most men don’t change. Its either stay and know you will deal with other women from time to time try to snoop constantly so you can catch it early where you know its no feelings involved or just move on now and save time and pain because it won’t stop.

  9. avatarNthabiseng says:

    I am tryn 2 trust my boyfriend again bt hey!!!its hard i dnt wanna lie,he’s been chating 4 mny times i dnt thnk i wl b able 2 trust him and also m jst thnkin 2 end this whole thng

  10. avatarBianca Hlatshwayo says:

    Well here it goes……..yeah I accepted him……It all started when I went to Cape Town for a visit,he was acting all weird,he just changed like waaaa!!!!!that really freaked me out hey….I told him that his been acting weird and I knw there’s somethng he’s not telling me…..you dont wanna knw wat he said,,,,,he said yeah I cheated on u and I’m sorry,everythng just went blank and I just ddn’t knw wat to do.I dumped him,bt I appreciated da fact that he was honest bt they say ”’once a cheater always a cheater”…..It was now hard 2gve him my trust bt all ths was worth it,he’s now open.

  11. avatarsapna says:

    I do not trust my boyfriend bcz he told me that I can’t be with u for a lifetime

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