8 Tips On How To Trust Your Boyfriend If He Cheated

Learning how to trust someone can be hard – but learning how to trust a cheater? That is way more difficult.

Maybe you just discovered that your boyfriend is a cheater – either he cheated on you, or you found out that he has cheated in the past. If he cheated, it’s okay to agree to give him a second chance if you want. But once you decide to do that, you need to learn how to trust him again and that’s where things can get tricky.

So how do you trust your boyfriend after he cheats? It will take some time and effort, but if you think he’s worth it, then maybe you should go for it. Here are some tips to help you guys build your relationship back up to where it once was.

Have you ever taken back a cheater? How did it go? Did you find these tips helpful? Tell us in the comments.


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  • kim

    i met this guy in 2011in my class and we became friends later best friends, i was in relationship with someone else at that time and he was single.. after one year he got in a relationship with one of our classmate from that day we three had a personal chat group…. i broke up 3 year ago and went it another relationship which this friend of mine objected… and i broke up again last year (2016) from that day till end of that year i was single and this guy was having trouble in his relationship….after sometime he also broke up and told me that he love me from the first day he saw me… i was not willing to get in any relationship.. so i denied his feelings… his ex being a common friend announced her break up in group and proclaimed that they both remain normal friends .. i kept asking her and she kept telling me that its normal to her to be friends and how practical she is and she don’t have any feelings for him now… when this girl assured me then i took the step ahead to have a relationship with my best friend… thing is i am very straightforward person and this guy is very introvert.. he told me not to tell her as she is moved on so don’t disturb her .. so i agree… now its been 3-4 month of our relationship…last month came to know he is in relationship with me.. she called me n told me she still love him and want him back and i should back off… i confronted this to my now boyfriend and he try to clear her out that nothing is left between them.. she blackmailed him that she will commit suicide . i told this guy to not make any contact with her and leave this place as she may troubles u with some criminal case,.. this guy said he is not coward and not leave living in her neighbourhood because of this.he started being on video call with me whole day everyday only went out in evening for a walk..in park..one day i heard her voice on his phone when his phone accidently turned on .. when i asked him he said i am doubting and this is against his respect i gave him benefit of doubt and apologised. some days later again when we ended our video call session and called him to ask him something important i again hear her voice this time calling his love name given by her to him… now i was 100% sure…after a long fight i got to know that after that suicide blackmailing… he give in and started being with her again(dont know as a friend or boyfriend)..and told her everything which he told me to lie to her…now this girl who i thought was a saint and respected a lot… i read her chat to him where she was so abusive of me…i don’t trust this guy anymore he made me guilty of his own mistake… now he is not talking to her but still lives near her apartment… he says he will do anything to be with me…when i asked him to show me her chat.. he deleted all of her chat(which i eventually recovered) i put my terms in front of him.. i told him to download spy app in his phone so i can see what he is doing… which he refuse.. the alternative being i m watching his all chats only …from the day he allowed me to track his chat nobody texting him not even his family….this again makes me doubtful…he is co operating.. but i still don’t trust him as he made me fool by being on video chat all day long… and went to her in just one single break he took….don’t know what to do… not able to trust him.