GIF My Life: I Had A Bad Day (Like, The Worst Ever)

Bad days happen to everyone, but you never seem to get used to them. Seriously, there are some days when it feels like everything that could go wrong didn’t just go wrong, but made sure to be twelve times worse than you ever thought it could be.

GIF Girl is no exception from the worst day ever, either. Sure, most of her days are filled with awkwardness and an unfortunate incident here and there, but we are talking about a day of just total, across the board wrongness. May you never experience a day with this many unfortunate events like poor GIF Girl.

I sleep through my alarm. Not off to a good start.

Once I actually wake up, I realize my period has started. AWESOME.

It turns out my sister wore the shirt I wanted to wear today and threw it dirty back in my closet.

I had spent all morning straightening my hair, only to walk outside and see it’s pouring rain. Of course the umbrella is locked in the car and I can’t find my keys.

After 20 minutes of searching I find them, but once I turn the key in the ignition, I realize that the tire is flat. No way this is making it to school.

I sprint to the bus stop as a last resort, but just as I arrive, the doors close. I feel personally rejected.

I finally find a friend with first period free to come pick me up. When I get out of the car, I stepped into a deceptively deep puddle.

I still get written up for being late. It’s my third time this semester, so I also get a detention for Friday after school.

Second period we had a pop quiz, which I was totally not in the mindset to focus.

Third period kept up the bad trend when I got that paper from last week back and the grade wasn’t great.

Looks like I get to pull an all-nighter so that I can try to bump up my grade with rewrites.

I go to open my locker before lunch and the lock is jammed. I get to haul my giant backpack to the cafeteria.

And yet in that giant backpack, there is no lunch, because I forgot to pack it. I have to buy lunch, but of course today’s menu is something that just looks like gray soup.

I head back to my locker after lunch. Now it opens… in fact, my books all come crashing down onto me and all my stuff is scattered on the floor.

The day is almost done and then something awful happens in 8th period – we get assigned group projects (do I really have to remind you how I feel about group projects?)

After school I have a lacrosse game against our rivals. We lose. Spectacularly. And I’m totally covered in mud.

I go home to shower after the game but the hot water is out in our house.

Luckily my crush and I still have a study date. JUST KIDDING. I just got his text saying we need to postpone it.

I just give up and go to bed. But of course my neighbor’s car alarm keeps going on and on and on.

At least the worst day ever has come to an end. Better luck tomorrow?


Have you ever had a day where it seemed like everything went wrong? What exactly happened? How did you deal? Tell me in the comments!

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