A New Study Says The Pill Makes You Attracted To Less Manly Men

According to a new totally legit study, your birth control makes you more attracted to less manly men. There are already a lot of studies that allegedly show how the pill affects your partner preferences, but this one is completely accurate you guys.

The study discovered that with couples who met after a woman went on the pill, the men were “less likely to have manly faces.” The study links to another study about manly faces so we know just what a manly face is. In case you were wondering, manly faces feature heavier brows and stronger jawlines.

So I guess if I didn’t wax my brows for a few weeks and walked around clenching my teeth, maybe my face would be more manly. Good to know so I can avoid women like myself who are on the pill because it sounds like it can now turn you into a lesbian.

Oh but apparently women on the pill are finding less manly men attractive, but they’re attractiveness rating for females is unaffected. Okay, so it doesn’t make you attracted to girls.

I mean, if I think about it, the guys I started dating after I went on birth control totally look way less manly that the other teenage guys I dated in high school. And you know I’ve been on birth control for so long, the guys I date now basically just look like chicks.

Y’all, this whole thing is bananas. And not in the good Rachel Zoe way. Birth control can make you do a lot of things like not get pregnant. This nonsense about it making you attracted to “less manly men” is just ridiculous. Who’s to say that one person’s definition of manly is the same as someone else’s?

Attractiveness is subjective. That’s why we’re not all attracted to the same people! We would all be insanely jealous human beings if everyone had the same idea of what was attractive.

Do you think birth control makes you attracted to less manly men? Do you think it changes your perception of attractiveness at all? Tell me in the comments!

Speaking of birth control, do you know about the Depo-Provera shot?

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  • Courtney

    LMAO! That study is so stupid that it’s funny. The only type of men that I’ve ever been attracted to are considered to be “feminine”; softer looking. I’ve been on bc on and off but regardless, pill or no pill, that is what I’m attracted to. I’ve always been repulsed by manly looking men.

  • Mia

    Rather than write a satyrical piece like this (which is humorous, yes, but not exactly informative), I would really like to see reasons why you obviously think this study is not legit. I understand Gurl has a bias towards the pill (I have no problem with this. I use the pill and love it), but the fact that the pill has many benefits does not negate that there are other side effects that could potentially have an impact on a people’s decision to use it.

    You have linked to a journal article that links to another journal article that discusses this study, but nowhere is the study actually sited directly (even though you insinuate that this journal article is the study itself – it’s not).

    Dr Anthony Little is the man who conducted this study, and he admits that the focus group is small, but says that the results when comparing the preferences of those subjects on and off the pill were strong enough for him to draw his conclusion from. He is a psychologist specialising in attraction, recognition, and social cognition, and has worked as a research assistant and lectured in evolutionary psychology and zoology.

    No, this does not mean his results are 100% accurate. He could be wrong. However, I would like to see you actually give some VALID reasoning to why you disagree with his findings, beyond your assertion that “attractiveness is subjective” (which is true to an extent, but there are many biological factors associated with our attraction, for example, we are more attracted to people who genetically are different to us to encourage diversity in our offspring).

    You do not have to agree with the findings. You do not have to be balanced. But what I think you have the obligation to do when readers actually take your word as “truth” is to be upfront about your own experience/education in this field and encourage readers to do their own research before blindly following your apparently unfounded claims.

  • Chelsey

    I agree with the study for the most part. I think the author over reacted like she always does. The study did not say anywhere that it turns you into a lesbian. I am attracted to less manly guys. I like guys with soft features, and not rough ones. But just because i’m on that pill, that doesn’t mean that i’m attracted to girls.

  • Bethany

    It can also heighten your risk for breasted cancer and ovarian cists. Personal experience with a cist just telling you its not fun. Jump off the birthcontrol band wagon people!

    • CG

      Do not jump off the birthcontrol wagon! Maybe the pill but not the whole wagon!

  • Raven

    I’m not on the pill, and I’m attracted to really feminine looking guys (and I’m straight). Manly guys are just..uck. Not my thing

  • Rylee

    Why would a lesbian need birth control? If she was Bi maybe?

    • Dev

      Because of disorders that make periods hell on earth, like Dysmenorrhea. Also you can skip periods entirely with it, and regulate periods if they’re irregular.