Celebs Support Gay Marriage: The Best Tweets About Marriage Equality!

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Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act are headed to the Supreme Court, and celebs are hoping that LGBTQ couples will enjoy the equal rights (including gay marriage) that they deserve! | Source: WENN

If you’ve been anywhere near a TV the last few days, you know that two gay marriage issues are going to the Supreme Court this week. The possibility of the Defense of Marriage Act (which says that marriage is only between a man and a woman) and Proposition 8 from California being overturned hopefully will make gay marriage a reality. A ton of celebs are voicing their support of marriage equality, most of whom took to Twitter to show their belief that love is love. Because honestly, if Susie wants to tie the knot with Heather, whose business is it but theirs?

(I also threw in my own thoughts on the subject, because I’m a staunch supporter, but also a jerk.)

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What do all those red and pink equal signs on FB have to do with gay marriage?

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