Why Awkward Guys Are Awesome!

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An awkward date with an awkward guy turned out to be the best thing ever. | Source: ShutterStock

A while ago I had the most awkward date ever. Like, ever. And I was scared that it doomed whatever was brewing before it even really began. But it turned out beautifully and we’re still seeing one another, and it got me thinking: Dating an awkward guy is actually sort of . . . awesome. Here’s why.

They’re not gonna mess with your head.
Most awkward guys are awkward in part because they don’t have a ton of experience from playing the field. As a result, they’re a lot less likely to play mind games with you, because guess what? If they mustered up the courage to ask you out in the first place, chances are they really, really like you, and they will make this abundantly clear.

They’re hilarious.
One of the best parts of awkward situations? The humor involved. They can defuse almost anything with a joke, and you better believe they love to hear you laugh.

They won’t push you for another before you’re ready.
The good thing about awkward guys? They move slow. If you’re worried about a guy expecting more physically from you than you’re ready to deliver, get thee to a nerd! They’re just so happy that you even showed up that they’re not going to get fresh with you unless you make it explicitly clear that that’s what you want.

Their friends are usually awesome.
When you’re used to alpha males and douchebags, you get used to hanging out with their jerky friends–and a lot of times they act like pigs in front of you. Not so with the awkward dude: His friends are usually just as sweet and unassuming as he is, and they’re usually a lot of fun to talk to about things other than UFC and chicks, so you won’t mind group hangs.

They’re appreciative and attentive.
They’re so happy to land you that they will go to the moon and back to make you happy. And you’ll never have to worry about him not texting back, because chances are an awkward dude is pretty comfortable behind a keyboard.

They’re charming.
Awkward guys may be, well, awkward, but dude. It is so cute sometimes. They’ll likely have a few fun quirks that may normally drive someone nuts, but when you like them back? They’re just going to be precious.

They’ll eventually stop being awkward.
Once they let their guard down and get comfy around you, awkward guys are actually awesome guys. You just need to give them a chance to show it–and they will.

Have you ever dated an awkward guy? What’s your most awkward guy story? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Ana

    Oh my god, this is making me miss my ex…. He was so awkward, and pretty much all of these things were completely true. I remember how cute his awkwardness was and we were this adorably awkward couple. I’m with someone else now and very happy in my relationship but it’s just not the same as my awkward ex who used to be so sweet (but unfortunately we didn’t work as a couple and we don’t talk now and i miss him)

  • J

    I had a first date with an awkward guy and I’m a little nervous about it, but it’s true that he is totally cute in his awkwardness and very, very genuine- which are heart-melting qualities. A guy that texts and calls ME every day? A guy that freely gives honest compliments and obviously likes me? It’s kind of great. We have a second date planned!

  • dom

    me and my friend (awkward guy) sat next to each other on a plane. But my friend sat on the other side of me. We would hold hands when she wasn’t looking then let go when she turned around. It was really awkward because it was the first time we held hands and no one as talking, but it was really funny too. My friend kept asking us why we were laughing.

  • Mrs Styles

    The guy I like is awkward, but unfortunately I am too so I really doubt anything will happen between us!

    • lucy

      Go for it! If you talk to him already just get closer to him. Trust me!

  • PinkJinx

    I think I had a crush on one of these types of guys. Too bad he didn’t like me back

  • Mari

    Agree. My boyfriend is the most awkward person I know. And I love that about him