Kendall Jenner Wants You To Stop Body Shaming Skinny Girls!

Kendall Jenner Skinny Girls

Kendall Jenner and other skinny girls don’t have it as easy as people think. | Source: Harper’s Bazaar

There’s a lot of body shaming going on, but overweight and obese people aren’t the only brunt of it: Skinny girls get shamed too. Need proof? Look no further than Kendall Jenner, who is as sick of being criticized for being a skinny girl as her sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian are for being so curvy (or “kurvy,” as it were).

Kendall vented in a new interview that she’s pretty spent with being targeted for being thin. “I’m constantly criticized for being too skinny,” she lamented. “I’m trying to gain weight but my body won’t let it happen. What people don’t understand is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat. It’s not a nice feeling.”

And she’s absolutely right.

I’m definitely not one of those “Hollywood skinny” girls, but I am one of the thinner gals in my family (and hardly even–I just have a small waist and dress for my shape), and I’ve gotten flak for it too: “Oh, I don’t think she eats.” Like, dude. Seriously? On top of how rude that is in general, it also shows that these people aren’t observant: I eat constantly (often candy) and I have a big behind. I don’t look like I’m starving. And neither does Kendall!

The truth is, skinny girls have it hard too, because dealing with comments like that and trying to prove to people that you do in fact have an appetite is exhausting. Just like it’s not okay to shame overweight or obese people–because it’s damaging to self-esteem and body image, it’s impolite, it’s inhumane and it’s just tacky–it shouldn’t be okay to attack anyone for being slender, either.

Here’s why: If someone actually does have an eating disorder (and lots of girls do), do you think pointing out how skinny they are is going to help them? If someone is already insecure enough about her body–as a lot of girls are–do you think pointing out what you perceive to be a flaw is going to help her get through that?

Obviously, I get why it’s tough to be like, “Aw, that poor pretty girl! She’s a model! Her life must be so hard!” I know. But think of it this way: Imagine you’re looking at skinny girls like Kendall in a magazine and you yelp out, “She’s too skinny!” Would it sound cruel to replace the same word with “fat?” Yes. Would it sound nonsensical to replace that same word with “gorgeous?” Yes (because can anyone other than maybe Chris Hemsworth or Harry Styles really be too gorgeous?). So your best bet is to steer clear altogether.

Skinny girls, average girls and big girls all have hang ups. Instead of pointing them out and dwelling on them, just focus on you and what makes you beautiful, unique and awesome in your own way. And yes, I did just quote One Direction on purpose.

Do you think skinny girls get too much positive or negative attention? Do you think skinny girls have to deal with a lot of body shaming? Do you think skinny girls get more or less flak for their weight than bigger girls? Tell us in the comments!

Why are people so obsessed with skinny girls’ thigh gap?!

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  • Kate

    My gynecologist told me I was too skinny! And so does everyone else. I am really self-conscious of my body because of people assuming I have some sort of eating disorder. But due to other medical problems I do not have much of an appetite (I do eat), and often get sick which takes a toll on my size, and I have always been naturally small. People just need to accept that a “woman” comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, sexualities, identities, etc. Just be respectful!

  • Nobody

    My family is bigger and as soon as I walk in the door they hand me food -.- and tell me how I’m”wasting away” no I’m just very athletic, it gets really annoying.. -sigh-

  • roselove445

    Sorry but i think its different. When people say “She is too skinny” they are still envious of her but when people say “she is too fat” they would never ever want to be like her

    • I have annoying friends

      Disagree. A curvy friend of mine likes to retweet posts that say things like, “Real men like curves, only dogs go for bones.” …..And then 3 tweets later complains about how chubby she’s getting and how she wants to go on a diet. L.O.L

  • E.

    Personally, I think tall thin girls are elegant and beautiful.

    The thing is, when you’re tall you can’t expect to look as curvy as someone like Kim Kardashian, and it’s normal not to be. In the same sense that someone who’s short and curvy isn’t going to look tall and thin and elegant (depending on what your personal views are), because it’s not normal to be.

    Once again I’m going to say (I have posted this before on another article), check out

    It shows you just how many different bodies are out there and just how that because you might be tall and weigh 45kgs (for example) the next person who is tall and weighs that isn’t necessarily going to have the same body as you, and so on and so on.

    The media and people (because let’s face it, we fuel the media) should stop trying to put women into two types – Curvy or Thin. There are a billion possible body types out there and trying to force girls into one or the other just makes them want to have eating disorders or want to get plastic surgery.

    And also, we need to stop saying that Guys want this type, Guys want that type.
    We all know that at the end of the day a person is attracted to a person because of how they feel around them and how much they get along with each other (personality wise).
    Guys don’t favour one over the other, and if they do then they’re shallow and immature and probably not even worth your time anyway. (and vice versa in regards to girls favouring a certain type of guy).

    It’s pathetic that in the 21st Century, looks are more important than the bigger issues in the world. It’s disgusting that girls as young as eight have eating disorders and can’t even be a kid. It’s sad that even guys feel like they’re not perfect because the media feeds them this image and makes them feel like they need to look like Calvin Klein models.

    • bakerychaz

      Yeah, I agree that there are a lot of shapes out there. For example, a friend of mine is short, average weight, and , though another is tall, thin, and built like a boy, anither one is short, average to overweight with incredible legs, another is tall, average weight, buxom and curvy, and I am tall and thin with curves too. All girls are different!

  • Bat

    How about people just ignore or get over what other people say or think about them?

  • Emm

    i feel the same way. im a dancer so have the natural dancers body(long legs skinny flat chest flat butt) ive had people come up to me and say that i need to put on weight an that im to thin. it drives me crazy no matter how much eat i dont gain weight. Once i even got dumped because they guy didnt want to be the boyfriend of an anorexic i dont have anorexia im just skinny. i hat when people are like that and it gets on my nerves.

  • Lauryn

    It’s not only girls… guys go through the same thing. Not only girls have eating disorders also.

  • Erraticat

    Yup, I hate it when people tell me I’m too skinny. Stop looking at my body and go take care of your own. I’m naturally slim and don’t gain weight so easily. Even if I did get “chunky,” the weight wouldn’t look good on me since I have long legs. At times, I wish I had a curvy body, but heaven didn’t have that planned for me, so I have learned to love my body. Some are obviously envious while others just don’t know about my appetite. You know what I also hate? When people say, “She doesn’t have a big butt” or “You have small boobs.” Okay, so are you gonna pay for my plastic surgery? (Which I would never consider.) And if I do get implants, you’re gonna call me fake now, right? Therefore, natural beauty is best. However, if you’re gonna get plastic surgery, do it for your own happiness and not to please others.

  • Stina

    Ah, this is so right. I am insecure about being thin, it’s not just that I don’t have a lot of body fat but my bones are tiny also. I will probably gain weight because i’m only 16 but it hurts when people accuse me of starving myself which is so not true.