Wondering “When Will We Break Up?” Find Out Why And When People Break Up Most!

when will we break up when people break up

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When you’re happy in a relationship, the last thing you want to think or ask is “When will we break up?” But it turns out, there is actually a pattern to when people break up most often–and why.

Experts say that the most common time frame for when people break up is usually between 18 months and two years. And there’s a reason for that.

One expert explained that new love is similar to a drug in our brains, giving effects similar to chocolate or even cocaine: we actually get a high from being smitten. We have more energy, we lose our appetites, we don’t sleep enough and we feel goal-oriented–in that we want our goal to be to win over and spend all our time with the guy or gal inspiring that high. And it feels awesome!

But like every intoxicating feeling, it doesn’t last forever, and eventually you have to come down from that high. That usually hits between a year and a half or two years. And it’s because you wind up having another chemical reaction in your brain.

Your body starts to release endorphins that make you feel calm, content and normal, as opposed to super stoked and excited. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it makes you feel more attached and makes being with your partner routine–and often it results in people looking elsewhere for that buzz that they had before.

Thankfully, for those of you now counting down in a panic to figure out when you’ll break up with your boo, there are ways to prevent this! Psychologists say doing new things together, not letting your bedroom behavior get stale and having your own lives and experiences outside of one another will likely help you stay out of a rut. Then instead of asking, “When will we break up?” you’ll be like, “When will we go sky diving again? Because that was rad.” (Or maybe something less extreme, but you get the idea!)

Do you think boredom is a big factor in when people break up? Have you noticed most of your relationships ending after a certain amount of time? Tell us in the comments!

Instead of worrying “When will we break up?”, here are ways to save your relationship!

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  • Exaelia

    What about people that are married? I mean, my grandparents were together for 52 years. It would’ve been longer but my grandmother died.

  • iiclassy2rich

    hi im patti im 17 and i am inlove whit my bf he loves me but he barly spends time with me so i think imm going to leave him so he can think and think how he treating me and he gonna think i should of payed attion to her but why do guys dont txt ther gf back but as soon a anter gurl txt they right on it !!

    • Cherie

      I’m 20, me and my bf just broke up. I know how you feel. I tried to make it work out and I gave 110%. He just started relying on me to plan dates and everything in our relationship. He said that he was not happy anymore even though i was the perfect girlfriend. He really told me that. He said it wasn’t like when we first met and that we had gotten comfortable with each other. I told him that we cannot be together all the time because of work and college. But he is stupid and that is a sign of immaturity on his part. Real relationships take work on both sides. I realized I was dating a boy and not a man.