Straight Talk With Shallon: I Haven’t Had My First Kiss Yet!

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Big changes afoot, girls! Since I’m coupled up (aka boring), I’ve decided to  focus on giving you darlings love advice rather than prattling on about my own (boring) love life! If you didn’t know, I post romance advice vids to my YouTube page so I thought hey, why not share it with my favorite girls?! But beware–I don’t sugarcoat things. We all have friends who just tell you what you want to hear–I’m not that friend. I’m the one who’s going to be honest and help you make the best decisions possible. It may not always be pretty, but it WILL be the truth!


Hi Shallon,

I’m 13 and I haven’t had my first kiss yet and I feel kind of different and left out since most of my friends have had theirs. I don’t know whether to go out with my mates and if a guy asks me to kiss him then I would, or to just wait for the right guy?


My Pretty Bird,

Ohhh Robyn, do I feel you on this one. Believe it or not, I was 18 when I had my first kiss. EIGHTEEN. And I wasn’t some hideous unlovable goblin. I didn’t have a ton of braces or webbed feet or a hook for a hand – I looked basically like I do now. I was just a late bloomer, I guess. And the kiss, when it finally did happen, it wasn’t exactly the stuff of fairy tales: it was spin the bottle, so it’s not even like he kissed me willingly. Ugh.

The point is: you’ve got five long years until you reach Shallon status. I guarantee you that you will not die a kissing virgin. I guarantee it. Looking back, I was SO STRESSED OUT about my non-kissing status – I wish I’d just relaxed and enjoyed high school without being sooooo focused on Frenching. Ironically, I think my fixation on it actually kept dudes away from me – boys can sense desperation.

And here’s something else to make you feel better: 13-year-old boys are terrible kissers. TERRIBLE. Granted, I haven’t exactly been going around Frenching 13-year-olds recently, but even at 18, my first kiss was sloppy and ridiculous, so clearly, a younger boy would be way worse. So really, you’re not missing much. But I know what you mean – you feel different. Maybe you think girls who have been kissed have this mystical insight into the world, this aura of experience about them that you don’t have.

Ask yourself this: if you were kissed tonight, how would your life be differnt? Probably not much, right? The only thing that would change is your confidence. And the good thing aobut that is that you are in control of how confident appear, no mouth-to-mouth contact needed. For more on being confident, check out this video. Oh, and here are a few about kissing, just to get you prepared for a long, slobbery kissing career 🙂


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  • agurl

    I lyk tis article *smooch* *smooch*

  • Elektra101

    this is good advice. but I need some help. my boyfriend is everything i could ask for. But why do i feel nervous, scared, and hopeless texting or being around him. btw i’m 13