Amazing Cry Faces To Make You Cry… With Laughter

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m sort of a cry baby. Can I get even more honest here for a second? Sometimes when I cry, I’ll look at myself in the mirror just to see how my cry face looks. I mean, why not?

Most of the time, I look pretty silly. Now, I am not a professional actor, but many of them can pull out a stellar cry face when they need to for a scene. While the ridiculousness of my own cry face can usually pull me out of a funk, so can watching some memorable cry performances that are just over-the-top and goofy that I can’t help but cheer up.

There are some great cry face moments out there, so we’ve picked some favorites. While normally I do not think it is a good thing to smile because other people are crying, these actors all got paid for these on-screen cries, so I think they all win in the end. Now let us begin our cry face journey:

To start with a point of reference, this a pretty accurate comparison to my cry face…

…and this is probably the most accurate in terms of my own crying gibberish.


Mmmmm, mid-cry ice cream. I know it well.


I am less familiar with mid-cry sandwich, but hey, whatever you need.


Even if your dad invented Toaster Strudels, sometimes you just have to cry.


Crying is sometimes the best way to express any and all of your emotions.


Let out your emotions, Jess. You’ve got this.


The full-out mascara cry. A tried-and-true classic.


If you are sad Pretty Little Liars just ended its season, then I guess this head shake cry GIF may not seem funny. I apologize (but PLL will be back this summer!).


I’ve been warned that “off-brand eye surgery” will mess with how you cry.


No judgment – I cried at a Home Depot commercial the other day, so I get that random things can spark crying.


Okay, final one (I love you, Liz!).


Sometimes cry faces don’t even need to include tears.


Or you know, even actual crying.


We’ve reached the pros. Would I be wrong to say that this is most famous cry face on the Internet?


I don’t know, but Claire Danes wins at cry faces. There is even a Tumblr for it. Learn how to do it yourself!


What other cry scenes are missing? What celebrity do you think has the best cry face? Tell us in the comments.


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