10 Mistakes You Might Be Making In Bed

Hooking up can be kind of complicated sometimes and mistakes in bed are made by everyone at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much unavoidable. It can be hard to figure out exactly the right way to act when you’re feeling naked and vulnerable.

Chances are, you’ve probably made a few mistakes of your own. In fact, you may be making them without even realizing it. In order to make your hookups the best they can be (hey, we look out for you at Gurl.com) and to avoid embarrassment, I’ve put together a list of 10 common mistakes women make in bed. Check ’em out and keep them in mind for future hookups:

Have you been making any of these mistakes? Have you ever made them? What are you going to do to change things? Tell us in the comments.


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  • Lizzie

    Once I called a guy by my ex’s name. It was literally an act of God. I had never slept with my ex and because he was impotent (let me know way after we were into the relationship, after he said he loved me. The whole “waiting” thing was a ruse),, was one of the many reasons I dumped him. But the other guy…I wasn’t thinking about my ex, I was totally into what I was doing with that guy and BAM, it just came out. The both of them had the same initials (J) which is probably the reason. But I still think it was a real act of God. What was so wonderful about it (although scary and awful at the time) is that the guy flipped out in a bad way. It was borderline violent and I had to contact my neighbor and get away from him because he scared me. It quickly made me realize I was with a seriously awful person and luckily for me, I was able to get away from that horror show of a human. Turned out the guy really WAS a horror show in all kinds of ways (selling guns, druggie, racist, and routinely tries to latch onto women who will give him shelter, food, money, drugs etc.). I am so, so glad that happened because it really saved my life.