Can Your Shower Gel Cause STDs?!

Shower Gel STDs STIs

This gal won’t be so smiley when she learns that shower gel can cause STDs and STIs! | Source: ShutterStock

One of the best parts of being a girl is being able to use flowery, fruity, sweet-scented shower gels–it feels so feminine and makes you feel so pretty! But there’s a downside, unfortunately: New reports suggest that using scented shower gel or fancy soaps down there can make you prone to STDs and STIs!

Research says that if you use shower gel, soap, lotion, or oils inside your vagina that aren’t designed to be there, it can lead to yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. There’s a reason for that: the chemicals in all that stuff–which is still rad for the rest of your bod–can mess with the natural pH of your vagina, which cleans itself. As a result, your vag becomes unable to regulate the bacteria down there on its own, and the bad bacteria winds up taking over . . . and you end up very uncomfortable.

What’s more, the same STD and STI risk is posed by douches–as in, the literal kind, not the guy kind (though you should avoid both at all costs). Basically, anything scented near your vag? Or anything designed to make it smell better? It’s gonna make everything worse. And they can even make the smell–which is probably normal and healthy–worse in the long run, because the flowery coverups can cause infections that make it smell bad and sting. Yikes!

Using anything in your vagina–unless your doc specifically tells you to–does a lot more harm than good. Experts also recommend that even if you’re using lube that’s generally okay for down there, check the ingredients: you’re much better off with lube that doesn’t have glycerin, and you should opt for one with a silicone base.

If you use anything down there that you’re not supposed to, it can cause irritation–and tiny skin tears–that can make you more susceptible to STDs and STIs because when there’s broken skin, there’s more a chance of bacteria, viruses and other bad stuff getting in. Trust us–you smell fine. If you want to use shower gel or scented soap elsewhere on your body, go for it–but as for inside of your lady bits? It’s not worth the risk!

Do you use shower gel or scented soap? Do you think the link between shower gels and STDs and STIs is legit? Would the risk of STDs and STIs deter you from using shower gel entirely or just down there? Tell us in the comments!

Shower gel isn’t the only thing that causes yeast infections!

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  • Regina

    I think condoms souhld be used always. Who really cares if it’s sexy or not? It beats getting and STD or pregnant. My advice to all girls is have the boy use condoms. I was raped at 13 and the guy did not use a condom. I am now 14 and have a 2 month old son named Braxton. He is the light of my life but I wish he could have came when I was older and more prepared. So ladies before having sex make sure the guy has condoms. And be careful and choosey about who you have sex with.

  • bakerychaz

    I’ve never washed my vagina with soap. Ever. My mum has a vaginal condition which was caused by having bubble baths with that bubble gel stuff, and using soap to clean her vagina. She can’t wear pants anymore because of it. I now use QV, a non-soap (but soap-like) product which dermatologists recommend for helping prevent this condition. What also doesn’t help is baths with soap (I mean using soap on any part of your body, as when you rinse off soap, it gets in the water and then into your vagina. Start using something like QV immediately, then you won’t have to worry about getting vaginal conditions or STDs/STIs!

    • Bang

      i dont think they ruin the mood. when me and the guy i have sex with do it he puts one on and it dont ruin it for me. that moment that his putin it on gives me time to get mylsef ready for whats bout to happen. it gives me a moment to take a deep breath and relax so i can get turned on.i feel its better to get turned off for a moment then get and STD or to get pregnant. u can alwayz get turned back on but u cant take back an STD or a baby. in my book condoms r just fine