10 Sexist Commercials And Why We’re #NotBuyingIt

Unfortunately, sexism is still a big issue in our world and one example of that is some of the horribly sexist commercials that are all too common our TV. Why are there so many incredibly sexist ads out there? Probably because sex sells… but honestly, it still sucks to see so many stereotypes about women being played out so badly.

That’s exactly why the organization and advocacy group Miss Representation is trying to get funding for the app #NotBuyingIt. The app would attempt to put a stop to sexist commercials and ads that objectify and belittle women. It will allow users to post and discuss the sexist ads they find in hopes that the big companies creating them will take notice.

Need some proof of sexism in advertising? We’ve got it. Here are 10 sexist commercials that will make you shake your head in disbelief. Honestly, who thought any of these were a good idea?


Of course the car is pink. And of course a teen girl would be depicted as a maniac who can’t drive and who only cares about one thing: her crush.


According to this commercial, all women are powerless to the scent of Axe. We can’t think about anything else when a boy uses it! And of course the women in this commercial are running in bikinis. What else would we wear?

Go Daddy

Basically all of Go Daddy’s commercials are incredibly sexist and despite all of the backlash they’ve received, they just keep going. This commercial, which aired during the 2013 Superbowl, shows what that they think women = sex. Women don’t have brains! Nerdy dudes are smart, not beautiful women. All women are good for is to sell sex. I mean, obviously.

Carl’s Jr

Carl’s Jr is another company that gets a lot of backlash for their commercials. Their ads are all about women acting like they’re having sex while they’re eating a burger. Sexy.

Dr. Pepper 10

This ad assumes that the stereotype that women don’t like action films is true (so false – I LOVE action movies and I’m a woman). It also talks about lady drinks and how Dr. Pepper 10 isn’t for women, because we just can’t handle it. These are manly calories, guys. Manly. Plus, it somehow makes guys feel like “lady” drinks are not good enough for them.


Your boobs aren’t good enough. Do your man a favor: get a boob job.

Dodge Chryslar

God, women are so naggy. We really know how to be annoying and nag. We really know how to ruin our man’s life.


As Adriana Lima says, Valentine’s Day isn’t that complicated. And neither, apparently, are women. Give us pretty presents and we’ll give you what you want… if you catch my drift.

2 Broke Girls

I guess the only way to sell the show was to show off the bodies of the stars?


Is this a commercial or a dumb blonde joke? Or is it just calling all women stupid? Oh well, at least she drives a Mercedes, right?


Which of these commercials do you think was the most sexist? Did you find any of them not to be sexist at all? Were you offended by these? Tell us in the comments.


How women experience sexism every day

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  • kimberlydawn

    Using sex is a lazy cop out. What happed to creative and witty commercials? What good comes of offending half the population – especially when women are the biggest consumers? Objectifying any group of people is not productive for society as a whole. It’s juvenile (think Al Bundy). It’s also uncivilized. What about children who see these commercials? What information are their immature brains absorbing about women…that they are not real people with feelings and brains – just sex toys? Does a father want men to think of his daughter like that? Well, guess what…that half dressed girl in the commercial IS someone’s daughter! And here’s the big question….why are there so few commercials that objectify men? Is it because MEN are actually MAKING all the commercials? So it is still a MAN’S WORLD, is that what we can conclude?