This Is My Favorite Quiz Of All Time!

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I know, I know. It’s a Friday and the last thing you want to think about is taking a quiz, but trust me, I think is the coolest test ever. And this is coming from someone who always elected to write the paper rather than take the test, so the fact that I am excited about it shows its awesomeness.

Quick hat tip to the crew over at Bust magazine for cluing me into the existence of the website, Click on through to take the quiz (which by the name of the website, I’m going to assume you get what the test is about).

Take it! I really want to know what you all think of it. I don’t want to give too much away, but there are at most, two questions. Two! Especially if you are fast at clicking, this will barely take you any time.

After you take it, come back over here to Gurl and let me know if you think it’s as cool as I do. We also have plenty on our site on the topic of feminism that you may want to check out after you submit your answers.

I took it for real the first time, but then I went back through and picked different answers, just to see. Doing that actually made the quiz even more interesting for me so feel free to do the same!

Anyway, I am proud to say that the results determined that I am a feminist! Luckily I have not been lying in the “About Me” sections of all of my social media profiles. Phew!

Did you take the quiz? What did you think of it? Tell us in the comments. 


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  • Hansani

    that is just stupid. you don’t need a label saying ‘feminist’ to think everybody should be treated equal and to know females are human beings. you just need a brain that functions properly.

  • Sparkling

    @LadyA, the goal of feminism IS to have everyone treated fairly. The “feminists” you are thinking of are probably the radicals.

  • Isabel

    Hahahaha when you answer “no” (I did to see what happened) it shows the official article about every human being is the same, and then it shows “Woman” in wikipedia! Loved this quiz, its really the best quiz ever!

  • violet7789

    Years ago I asked the same questions to some friends and family. I was happily surprised that a male friend openly agreed and said if that’s what a feminist is then he’s a feminist. Others, however, still refused to called feminist. One should be proud to be a feminist, to be able to look back on what women have accomplished, perticularly in the 1st-3rd waves of the women’s movement from gaining the simple right to vote as late as 1920 in America to acknowledging differences among women in terms of class and sexual orientation (among others). It’s sad that ‘feminist’ has such an image that few are willing to identify with it.

  • LadyA

    So apparently I’m a feminist. Not too happy about that.
    Why am I placed under the category of “feminist” if I just believe that everyone is equal?

    Of course we are all equal!

    But the thing that strikes up controversy are our roles. All human beings may be equal, and ought to be treated fairly, (FAIRLY, not equal; there is a difference) but we all have different roles for which we were made.

    Women should not be treated equal to men, because we have a different role to fill in this world. We can do things men cannot, just as men can do things women cannot. But just because there are things men can do that women can’t doesn’t mean we need to make a big fuss about it like I so often see.

    What I think the goal of feminism should be is for women to be treated FAIRLY: with respect and honor, and that we should treat men fairly as well. We are not better than they are! If you believe that women are somehow better than men, then no, you don’t believe all humans are equal.

    Point is: We are the same, but we have different roles, and I believe we all should be treated fairly according to those roles.

    • Lolly

      Feminism is the name of the movement to recognise men and women as equal. Unfortunately, there are also some crazy man-haters who call themselves feminists – but you get the crazy fringe in every group. Just look at religion.

      So, yeah, believing the sexes are equal = feminism. One sex isn’t better than the other. Where you probably deviate from feminism is that you don’t seem to believe in putting humanity before gender. Sucks to be a man who wants to take on stereotypically ‘female’ roles, or vice versa.

      I’m a feminist. I don’t associate gender with the roles people want to play in our society. What matters is how much you care about the role you choose, and whether or not you respect other people’s rights to choose their own.

    • Molly Anderson

      I agree with you. I am not a fan of this “quiz” because the only answer is feminist.

      • bakerychaz

        I agree.

  • ashley

    first i answered the quiz honestly and i am a feminist, then i wanted to see what would happen if i clicked ‘no’ for any of them, and it was the cooolest thing ever!