GIF My Life: Talking About Masturbation

While a lot of you have opened up on Gurl to talk about masturbation, we also get that it’s not always something people feel comfortable talking about in-person. Take GIF Girl, for example.

She’s totally cool with self-exploration, but doesn’t really talk about her experiences as much as some of her peers. Well, she wanted a chance to defend her side of the story and show that thought she may not be someone who talks a lot about it, that definitely doesn’t mean she thinks there’s anything wrong with it. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Take a look:

My friends are all super open when it comes to talking about their bodies, including masturbation.

I am a little bit more on the quieter side.

I guess I’m just not as forward when it comes to talking about… you know, private stuff you do.

But even still, I know that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it!

It’s nothing to be ashamed of and there are a whole bunch of reasons to masturbate!

Okay if I’m being totally honest, at first, maybe thinking about doing it made me a little nervous.

But then I got past that and realized it’s totally a way to give yourself some well-deserved attention.

If you’re taking care of business all by yourself, that means you don’t have to worry about some stressful things

And there’s not really a wrong way to do it, so nothing really to worry about there!

It’s okay to do if you’re single or in a relationship. Everyone deserves to focus on themselves sometimes!

Oh, but one thing: you probably want to make sure you have privacy when you do it.

I mean, it’s never happened to me, but I feel like getting caught would be mortifying.

So to sum it all up, while at first I felt like I was weird for not being as open as my friends about masturbation…

…I realized it’s my body, my business.

As long as I know it’s okay and what works for me, that’s really all that matters!

Do you talk about masturbation with your friends? Tell us in the comments.


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