15 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Cats

We have a serious situation over here in the Gurl offices: full-on dogs vs. cats debate. I’ll admit, Jessica had a few pretty cute reasons why cats are better. I totally disagree. I even have a cat, but I have three dogs which are way more awesome.

Dogs are so great. They love you unconditionally, they’re comforting, they protect you. I’ve never met a dog I didn’t like. And PUPPIES. Like. I can’t. I live by a puppy store, and I wish I could adopt every little nugget.

So without further ado, find out why dogs are better than cats!

Seriously, just look at this FACE.

They made deliciously cute burritos.

They’re athletic and not lazy like cats.

They know when you’re sad and will comfort you.

Ian Somerhalder AND Ryan Gosling love dogs (instant a billion points).

They look amazing in costumes.

Cats are better at cuddling? LOL. Get real.

They will happily take baths without attacking you.

Dogs love you, while cats will turn on you at any second.

Dogs sleep much cuter than cats. LOOK AT THAT EAR.

They’re inquisitive, where as cats think they know it all.

They know when they should be embarrassed. Cats aren’t modest like dogs.

They make much better presents than cats.

They give you a high five when you do a good job.

Dogs love you so much that they’ll protect you.

Cats are cute too, but…

Dogs are just



Paws down. KTHANKSBYE!

Which of these dogs is your favorite? Do you like dogs or cats better? Tell us in the comments!


Look at how fashionable this dog in boots is!

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