Do You Have Better Sex In A Relationship Or When You’re Single?

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Once and for all: Do you have better sex when you’re in a relationship or when you’re single and hooking up? Turns out when you’re in a relationship, you have better sex than when you’re hooking up with someone new.

Except for one part!

Experts say that that only way hooking up leads to better sex is the excitement that comes with having a new partner you’ve never been with before. Once that’s gone? It’s kinda meh and on to the next one. Experts did note, however, that if you’re single and have no-strings-attached sex with no expectations, you may have fewer inhibitions and be more open to kinky stuff–whatever that may be for you–than with someone you know you’re going to see again. (Think of how when you’re on a road trip with pals, you’re a little wilder when you’re out than you would be at a local party with people you know. Same idea, just with less clothing involved!)

In every other arena, though? You’re gonna have better sex and a better time with someone who knows you better, because they (literally and figuratively) know which buttons to push to keep you satisfied. What’s more, experts suggest that you may be more open to experimentation and trying new stuff with someone that you trust, because chances are they’re not going to get weird about it and tell people the next morning.

The downside to sex as a couple is when you know each other that well, it’s easy to get caught in bad sex ruts where it becomes almost mechanical–but the key to better sex may not be trying out a new partner, but trying something new with your current partner.

Of course, while couples have better sex than singles–the best sex, regardless of who you’re with or not with, is safe sex done with confidence. Don’t forget it!

Do you have better sex when you’re in a relationship or when you’re single? Have you ever had an awesome one night stand or a long term relationship with bad sex? Do you think attachment is a key to better sex? Tell us in the comments!

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