8 Signs You Should Break Up With Your Boyfriend

A while ago, I gave you guys some signs on how to tell if your boyfriend wants to break up with you. These clues weren’t there to make you paranoid – they were there to give you a hint that your relationship may need some help.

Well, guys aren’t the only ones who can do that breaking up stuff – girls can too. But even if we’re feeling tired of the relationship, it can sometimes be hard to figure it out on our own. When we really care about someone, we want to hold onto them, even if deep down we know it isn’t right. Sometimes we overlook the signs that we want the relationship to be over because we’re not ready to be alone. So how do you know if you two should break up? For starters, read these eight signs:

Do a lot of these signs feel familiar to you? Do you think it’s time for you to break up with your boyfriend? How would you break up with someone? Tell us in the comments.


8 things you have to do when your relationship ends

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  • Amanda

    It’s completely evident that this was written by someone in their teens and early 20s. Relationships are hard and marriage is harder, but the grass is not always greener.

    If you’re lucky to be with someone you love and more importantly respect, that’s the most important thing.

    We search for all the wrong things when we are dating. Ultimately what matters is if you can see yourself starting a family with this person. Relationships are about compromise. The sparks do not last forever.

  • Fortulina

    my boyfriend n i have been dating fr 4 years i feel tired of the relationship because he’s always trying to control me and is sooo rude i feel i need a breakup but he always begs me wat do i do

  • Annie

    A lot of these apply to me. Especially the “thinking about being single often” I literally think about being single 15 times every day my boyfriend just annoys me so much and he asks so many questions and always wanting to be on me he gets mad if i dont spend hours (I literally mean hours, like he’ll get mad if we have plans and I’m getting ready and if I dont stop every 5 mins to kiss him)WTF hes so needy and emotional when he starts crying I just roll my eyes and get annoyed Ive tried to break up with him so many times and he just begs for me to come back “one last time” ugh everything is just really annoying

  • Franceen

    I love my boyfriend, but sometimes I feel like he wants to break up with me. Because I’m not the best girlfriend. I don’t think I am ??? Why do I think that ??? I just can’t seem to get it over with.



  • parker

    All of them applies and i am starting to feel really uncomfortable when he try to kiss or hug me, miss being single

  • Jemma

    I’ve been with my bf for 5 years and the last year has been long distance.
    All of these apply but he tells me he would do anything for me.
    I feel like an ass and I can’t make myself break up :( help

    • Ari

      God I know what you mean. He’s so sweet and I know that he would do anything for me but honestly I just feel tired of the relationship sometimes. What should I do?!?!

  • Courtney

    I read this, and many apply. I still can’t make myself do it. I’m too attached and I love him so much. So fucking confuzed.

    • Liv

      To be honest I love my boyfriend with all my heart but I feel like he never wants to talk to me. I always ave to text first and when he says brb he never comes back

  • Jewels

    It’s nice to know that others are sharing similar issues that I’m experiencing. The more I date this guy, the more I find that he’s not my type. My question is how to go about breaking up with him…around the holidays. Common sense is telling me to wait until after, however, he just got a new job in another state. I don’t know if this situation would make breaking up over the phone more appropriate. I don’t want to tell him right before he leaves, because I’m afraid he’ll be distracted while he’s driving and it’s icy out there. Thoughts?

    • Chloe white

      To be honest, depending on how long youse have ben dating for is whether is best to do it over the phone or not. Either way it will be hard for him. But for instence you have been dating for a month you shouldnt do it over the phone, but any lower just go for it. If hes not the one for you, i wouldnt stay in a relationship that doesnt make me happy… Im a hyprocrite when i say that, cause im in a relationship at the moment myself. we have been dating a year.. And im on the verge of breaking up with him… But still not too sure if i should of not :/ shits hard, but you got to do whats best for yourself.

      Anyways goodluck :)

      • Tyfani

        I’ve been with my bf for just under a year but I’ve fallen for someone else. My bf tends to annoy me more lately but he’s such a sweet guy and I know he’d take good care of me. I don’t want to hurt him and I’m torn. Idk if I should leave him or try to fix the relationship. The guy I’ve fallen for I’ve known for years and he says he wants me to himself. He knows about my bf and everything. He’s not pushing me to choose him but he is being open with how he feels. I’m conflicted.

  • Sophie

    Me and my boyfriend haven’t really been going out very long, like 2 weeks and we haven’t actually been out, and we haven’t really spoken, and I’m really really bored with him and I’m getting along better with other guys. I want to stay with him a bit longer, coz we haven’t been going out long, but I don’t like him anymore. We’re part of the same friendship group as well, so I don’t want to make it awkward, I really don’t know what to do

  • Anya

    Sigh…all of these apply. The worst is no longer being physically attracted – I am literally grossed out when he tries to kiss me!

  • leah

    i really hate my boyfried

  • eny

    im falling for my ex and falling for some1 else dats one basic sign and all others follow

    • Katherine

      To be honest I’m doing the same falling for my ex and my friends ex and I have been with my boyfriend for six weeks That’s the longest boyfriend he says I’m his special girl and I felt loved but he gets jealous when I hang with other guys and I don’t blame him cause all the guys like always touch my BUTT!! But that’s when my boyfriend notices and I guess grounded me from hanging out with guys anymore :( but today I was mad cause he got mad at me again and now I said that he was a joke and he looked so hurt what should I do HELP

  • Cat

    Shit… I guess I saw it come though..

  • Donna

    yep think that’s it then. just how to do it now.

  • Tina

    Same. Damn.

  • leah

    omg…so true…bingo for all!

  • Elle

    8 for 8.

    • Jen

      Yep. Me too.

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