8 Signs You Should Break Up With Your Boyfriend

A while ago, I gave you guys some signs on how to tell if your boyfriend wants to break up with you. These clues weren’t there to make you paranoid – they were there to give you a hint that your relationship may need some help.

Well, guys aren’t the only ones who can do that breaking up stuff – girls can too. But even if we’re feeling tired of the relationship, it can sometimes be hard to figure it out on our own. When we really care about someone, we want to hold onto them, even if deep down we know it isn’t right. Sometimes we overlook the signs that we want the relationship to be over because we’re not ready to be alone. So how do you know if you two should break up? For starters, read these eight signs:

Do a lot of these signs feel familiar to you? Do you think it’s time for you to break up with your boyfriend? How would you break up with someone? Tell us in the comments.


8 things you have to do when your relationship ends

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  • Cat

    What do I do ????
    So I been dating my boyfriend for three years now . We recently split and he moved out of the house for about two weeks . I am now talking to someone else ( The mail man ) Eveything was going good I missed my ex but i was okay . Now My ex wants to get back with me n do everything he wasn’t doing as a man. So now I’m confused Do I give my ex of 3 years a chance to get this right ? Or do I move on ?? And if I do get back with my ex now I have to see the mailman every day and I feel like that’s going to be super awkward because my ex knows I was talking to him?? How do I choose Without hurting anyone ??

  • CJ

    A little of this relates to me and my boyfriend, I do need help with him because I’m confused. I do wish I was single sometimes, because there’s all my single friends flirting with my single boys having a laugh, then there’s just me having out with my girl friends doing nothin just talking about their boyfriends. Sometimes I do want my single life back. Another thing, I do have fun with my friends, when we are
    Having a laugh at the park or at a party, but when my boyfriend texts me I get all down sometimes, because well, he barley texts me anyway! We do have moments were I feel like I never wanna let him go and we have a laugh and amazing memories we’ve shared, but I don’t know what to do with him anymore, some advice ?

  • Jo Mo

    Yep I feel a few of these…angry most of the time, irritated most of the time…he’s good at hear but has no fucking common sense, has made terrible decisions before and while knowing him….has stolen from me and put shit up his nose. Has a fucking gambling problem which I only just found out about this year after knowing him for 2 fucking years. Problem is that I haven’t had the heart to break it of though I’ve thought about it a lot! He has these fucking tantrums if I tell him I don’t want to be with him so I stay. He has a good side but a dumb and stupid side…he’s put me back in my life by 2 years career wise. Yes I know I know I should’ve left a long flicking time ago but I kept feeling bad. He is my second relationship and I guess because he’s good to me in other ways I’ve over looked the bad but these past dramas keep rearing there ugly heads in my memories which makes me want to break up! I need to see a fucking shrink! Lol

  • Leigh

    Some of this applies to me!!! Recently my boyfriend has started leaving his phone hidden in the car and the next I day needed to make an phone call so I asked him could I go get his phone out the car,, he would usually say yeh u don’t need to ask this time he said all get it so I went why I might as well get it your upstairs busy and am down stairs near the car,, he went in to a mood and went ok get it I just walked by through the door and he was down stairs saying has anyone text or rang me and I went yeh your mam has text and he started kicking off saying how do u no well it come up on his lock screen that’s how I seen. Then we had been out all day and he was leaving his phone in the car bearing in mind it’s usually stuck to him and he never leaves it anywhere. Then he went to the gym and then went to his house then came back to mine for tea.. He said his phone was on5% so he left it at home… He’s starting to make me think he’s up to something please can someone help me I would rather walk away if I no he’s up to something or if he’s wanting someone else I would much rather him say as am going through a hard time and I dunno rather he’s just sticking around for that same,, I would much rather be alone then walked all over. I ain’t usually the jealous type I would usually fuck someone off for acting like this but for some reason am sticking around for him :-/ I need help

    • Dez

      I don’t know honey. Try to talk to him about it, and let him know it’s bothering you. If he throws a fit let him. If he let’s you know what’s wrong then good, I guess. But I wouldn’t stick around wondering the possibilities. Be strong.

  • Kaylie Peterson

    I don’t feel the connection, that special spark that I know you’re supposed to have, and he is ALWAYS wanting to hang out. I’ve come to dread hanging out with him. It’s like all he wants to do is makeout and I’m not cool with that. He doesn’t share the same standards that I have and my goals are completely different from his. A month ago when we first started going out, all was well but now I feel trapped but I don’t just want to break up with him. I also really like my guy friend who’s currently serving an LDS mission and I get more excited about a weekly email than a good morning text from my boyfriend. Advice?! 😓 I know I should just break up with him before his feelings get stronger but I don’t want to hurt him and make things awkward. I just don’t see a future with him–at all.

    • Dez

      I’d just let him know how you feel, you can add the part with your guy friend if you want.

  • jade

    My boyfriend never answers me any more but I love him so much he’s cute and sweet and has a great personality, plz help me!!!!

    • Dez

      If you known him for a while or understand his personality, try to put the pieces together. Maybe he’s sad about something and doesn’t want to be borhered, maybe he just needs space. Or maybe he’s just not all interested in you. At any chance you see him speak to him about it. It’s best to get the truth now then later on the road.


    my boyfriend is bored with me sexually. he doesn’t make love to me or have sex with me anymore. when we did have sex he would not even kiss me. I know I deserve better. Yet I cannot seem to let go. I do not want to be just friends. I want to move on if he does not want me in a sexual manner. I cannot believe this is happening. I am still in denial. Wish I could move forward and just forget about him forever. He does not deserve me.


      I know he has cheated on me. I can forgive but man. whatever he did with those females. he should do to me and fantasize while we are being intimate. I m the one who he should be having sex with. this is upsetting. this makes me shy. SOMETIMES I do not even want to have sex with him anymore. I know this will pass. He ruins my sex vibe also. I will be all into wanting to have sex and he will say some negative comment or comments to mess up my vibe. this is hurtful. It seems like he always has something bad or negative to state about me. I was surprised when he actually gave me a loving tease verbally yesterday. I hope thing improve. I try. I know I have given my 100 percent. He wants me to be more loving now. I use to be all in love with him and very loving and he would reject me. Now he wants what he rejected. I know I am valuable. I am loyal. and this is a rare quality these days. I know there are other fish in the sea. I have invested my time in this relationship. He told me long ago that if are not friends this is not going to work out. Well if he does not find me attractive and does not want to have sex with me. or if he is tired of having sex with me this is not going to work out. I will leave eventually. I like sex. so if he is not going to love me and want me sexually BYE.


        what is sad to me is the time and effort I put in is not even valued. I am hurt that he just seem to think I am just an object. I am happy I listen to some good advice. Do not have no EMOTIONS. WHY? Because there are so many GIRLS!. I am confident. He should not fool himself. There is someone out there who will want me. And does want me. I am just to faithful. But that is how I am. Being faithful helps me be confident and boosts my Self-Esteem. I love myself. And I will not settle for anything less than the best. One day I may just be GONE for good. Until then I am trying my 100 percent. Why because I know how to love. And I am not done with him yet. I still care

  • Exotic

    My bf has the smallest penis ever!! That’s ok tho lol. I wish it was bigger, but I can roll with it that’s not the problem.. the problem is that he makes these really conrny, comfortable jokes and I’m so tired of hearing them. Most of all he is so weird. I’m weird too, but his weirdness is in to a whole another level and i’m not attracted to that. Lately I’ve been thinking about breaking up with him because I just don’t have the excitement and feelings I should have by now for instance, I don’t want to see or talk to him when I should like how every couples communicate even when I do see him I just want to be quiet I don’t feel like talking, and gets mad over that including when I don’t laugh at his jokes. Also he stares at me a lot without saying nothing that makes me so so so uncomfy it might be a good thing I don’t know, but it makes me wonder what he is thinking and When he touches me I get really uncomfortable I get this really weird feeling in my body. I wana break up with him asap, however we have a class together and I can’t stand seeing my ex everyday specially in class so I’m just waiting till we finish our course and then I will do it, but I’m afraid things might change if I waited that long. Most of all he is all over me all the time he doesn’t know what personal space is. I think I started going out with him because I didn’t want to be alone now that I realize that I want to start doing things the right way. I just become less and less attracted the more stuff I find out about him I usually pretend but I don’t know for how long I can do that. Help Please!!


      buy a sex toy. a penis. the size u want and use it with your boyfriend. I bet u this will help you 2.


      In addition he is a womanizer. This is not an attractive trait to me. This makes me believe he is very insecure with himself. One man I talked to stated that women are all the same. O but this bf of mine likes tramps (private parts) gross. All used up. That is dirty to me. Yet he rather have sex with a dirty person. Instead of a quality person (ME). Man if he is so smart why can’t he role play and use his smart imagination with me. O man another thing he did to me was. He had me take him to the sex store to get a toy. Then he goes and has sex with another female. Instead of using the toy he purchased with me. This really freaking hurt. But I believe in KARMA. and he will eventually get what he deserves in return for al the bad disrespect hurtful things he has done to hurt our relationship. He just want to pleasure himself also when we are having sex (most of the times) this is hurtful and becomes boring to me. Since I care and love him I still try to please him. But I am not attractive to him anymore. He is tired of putting in the effort when it comes to sex between us. This is sad and hurtful. What a freaking selfish self centered shallow JERK. KARMA IS REAL THOUGH. I believe I am just waiting for a miracle. I hope I get a miracle soon or someday. I hoping for an angel to bless me and be in my life asap.

  • Hayley Muench

    i know i gotta lose the guy im with. This may sound stupid but he grew a beard… and i have ZERO physical attraction for him with it and he refuses to shave it off, im afraid one day hell shave it and the attraction will come back. i know it sounds stupid. everything he does annoys the hell out of me, he has become the most boring person ever (he makes the lamest excuses for not wanting to do anything), and hes so childish. Also im in college and the town im in kinda sucks so when he comes up theres not much to do also its winter so its not exactly fun to go outside, im just nervous when i go home for summer things will go back to the way they were last summer. Fun, romantic, happy… none of that exists at the moment and im afraid if i break up with him ill make a mistake, but im also afraid if i dont dump him im gonna waste a bunch of time i could be out.. you know having fun something he knows nothing about.

  • Stephanie

    Well this sucks. All 8 apply. I know it’s not all his fault buts he’s led himself to this situation. He just wants to sit in his room and watch tv. He gets mad when i don’t want to do that every night and hang out with a friend. I need to dump him but I don’t know how to get space from him. He’s overly emotional and I don’t think he’d give me space if I dumped him. He’d probably show up at my work everyday and sit outside my house and ugh it just sounds creepy. Suggestions pleaseeee