14 Positive Lessons Learned From A Bad Haircut

I had the wonderful fortune of starting off high school with a pretty terrible haircut. Like, I remember hiding my freshman student ID very far into the back of my closet. To this day, I don’t think I have ever cracked open a yearbook from that era.

But despite that, I remain very pro-hair experimentation. Really, the worst that’s going to happen is you get a bad haircut. I made it out okay so I’m not scared anymore! In fact, there are a few lessons to be learned from a terrible haircut, so if it happens to you, remember that it can be a valuable learning experience.

With women reportedly changing up their hair style multiple times a year, a bad hair cut is bound to happen to each of us:

Don’t be insulted. We’ve all been there. A bad haircut teaches life lessons. For example, you end up developing other areas of your style:

You get in touch with your creativity (and maybe even your edgy side) when you try to style it each day:

A bad haircut can help you pick out which friends tow that line between rude and honest:

You get a better sense of what it means to maintain a sense of privacy.

You also have the opportunity to go hat shopping. Or better yet, maybe even borrow one from your crush?

Even if you don’t like the way your bangs now get caught in your face, someone else may think it’s the coolest cut ever:

Seriously, you may not like it and to your surprise, people who do love it might even name your haircut after you and make you a style legend:

You also get very good at making up excuses for why your hair ended up this way… which could perhaps lead to a great career in fiction writing:

While a bad haircut isn’t something to dwell on, having a little pity party isn’t something to be ashamed about. It can help you move on:

Because you’ll always remember a bad haircut, it makes it easy to remember when pictures were taken:

It teaches you an important lesson in patience. Because yes, eventually, it will get fixed:

So don’t waste too much time on regrets (bonus lesson: even if your TV show gets canceled not long after your haircut, there will be the opportunity to work on a new FX show everyone seems to love):

So in the mean time, don’t make any rash decisions:

When it does grow back into the way you want it, you’ll appreciate it more than ever:

Have you ever had a bad haircut? What happened? What advice would you give to someone who feels like they just got a bad haircut? Tell us in the comments.


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