What To Do When You Break Your Phone

Over the weekend, I broke my phone. And by broke my phone I mean I shattered it into almost non-existence to the point where I was cutting my fingers with little glass shards.

It was devastating. I would have asked Siri what to do, but she seemed a little mad that I crushed her exterior. So I called my dad and asked if I had Apple Care on my phone, to which he said “No I don’t think so, but good luck!


I stared at my cracked reflection in my cracked screen and mulled over what to do. I’ve cracked screens before, but not like this. I couldn’t really use it because it was so dangerous!

But fortunately, after nearly pulling my hair out over this, I got in touch with Apple and was informed that I do have Apple Care! Hooray! So that means they’ll cover two accidental incidents and will replace my phone for like fifty bucks, which was much cheaper than the $225 screen replacement price tag without coverage.

But since I didn’t know that I had Apple Care, I went through all the emotions and phases of breaking your phone. I also figured out other solutions. Let’s go through them, shall we?

Have you ever broken your phone? What did you do? Tell me in the comments!

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  • BloodyMangle

    I need some help, I dropped my phone on the stairs (wood) and my phone screen broke as I was trying to light my way. I don’t wanna ask my mom because it has only been a week since I got the screen fixed and if I ask her now she will get very mad.

  • Brook Bonk

    this didn’t help I wanted to know how to tell my mom I pretty much just got that phone and she will murder me wen she finds out how I broke it SPOILER ALERT I hit it off my knee yes laugh but its no lie I got mad at a game and smashed my phone I know I cant use it cause the screen when green

  • Gina

    This doesn’t really help me with a solution ………but I have a galaxy …….and I JUST got It and it was on charge when my dogs knocked it off now the screen is completely cracked but it still works I don’t know how to tell my parents ……………pls pls help me