Can Brazilian Waxing Give You A Sexually Transmitted Infection?!

Brazilian Waxing Sexually Transmitted Infection

Brazilian waxing can lead to a sexually transmitted infection on your skin. Yikes! | Source: ShutterStock

As if Brazilian waxing didn’t hurt enough, now it may hurt in more ways than one: Research says Brazilian waxing can actually make you more susceptible to a certain sexually transmitted infection!

A dermatologist in France noted that he was seeing a lot more patients than before coming in with molluscum contagiosum virus (MCV), a skin virus that’s not too harmful but is really hideous to behold–think sort of like chicken pox-looking spots, but all over your privates. And the doc said that over 90 percent of the people he saw who had the virus frequently had Brazilian waxing or shaved, clipped, trimmed or otherwise removed their pubic hair.

Doctors think that in terms of patients with MCV, some of them may be giving it to themselves in their nether regions by shaving. If someone has an MCV spot on her leg and shaves it, she’ll get the bacteria on her razor blade–and if she uses the same razor blade on her pubes, guess what happens? It spreads there. Sharing razors (ew! Seriously girls, get your own–please?) can spread MCV too. According to doctors, cases of pubic MCV were most often linked to shaving pubic hair, not Brazilian waxing–but that came in second.

As for Brazilian waxing, the tiny abrasions it causes on your skin–some that you may not even be able to see–can make it easier for you to contract MCV from a partner. (And that can go for other sexually transmitted infections, too!) What’s more, if your waxer doesn’t use a fresh pot of wax, you may be getting germs, bacteria and viruses from whoever was in there before you–a big no no and a big risk!

Still, docs say that keeping your hair down there won’t necessarily prevent MCV, either–just be careful with how you remove it if that’s your thing.

And the good news about MCV? If usually is totally painless goes away without any treatment, so it’s not the end of the world. It just sort of looks like it until you heal.

Do you think Brazilian waxing poses a risk for MCV and other sexually transmitted infections? Have you ever gotten an infection from Brazilian waxing or shaving? What precautions do you take when shaving down there or getting a Brazilian wax? Tell us in the comments!

Brazilian waxing does have one surprise benefit!

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