Should I Get The HPV Vaccine?

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When you realize how good it is to get the HPV vaccine, you’ll be smiling when you get it too. | Source: ShutterStock

With everything you’re hearing about vaccinations and STDs, you’re probably wondering, “Should I get the HPV vaccine?” To which we say: Yes, yes, yes!

The HPV vaccine isn’t linked to any real side effects, despite some sensationalized reports suggesting otherwise. (Remember when people said that the HPV vaccine made girls “crazy for sex?” That’s just as insane as it sounds.) In fact, the HPV vaccine, according to docs, is one of the safest ever.

It’s recommended that girls and guys ages 13 to 17 get the full course of the HPV vaccine, but unfortunately, about 75 percent of people aren’t up to date on theirs–and some girls’ parents don’t want them to finish up their vaccinations or get them at all. Apparently parents think they’re not crucial vaccines, or that you don’t need them unless you’re sexually active.

But the fact is, you’re actually at risk for HPV even if you’ve never had sex–and a lot of people are infected with HPV but don’t show symptoms, so it’s a really risky play to not protect yourself against it. Additionally, the HPV vaccine prevents not only HPV in both sexes, but also cervical cancer in women (because it’s often caused by HPV). And if you’re not sexually active right now–that they know of–you probably will be eventually (unless you’re joining a convent or something, in which case, more power to you).

Basically, there are a slew of reasons to get the HPV vaccine: you’ll be preventing HPV, preventing cervical cancer and keeping yourself and any potential partners you have safe. If you folks have issues with you getting the vaccine, have them discuss them with you and your doctor–who will probably be a lot more persuasive than you can because she gets to wear that awesome white coat.

Have you gotten the HPV vaccine yet? Are your parents opposed to you getting the HPV vaccine? Do you think everyone should get the HPV vaccine, even if they’re not sexually active? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Suzanne

    I got mine! I’ve had all three and really think it was the right thing to do. When I went for my physical, my Mom and I talked with the nurse and I got my first one when I got my meningitis and tdap shots. Just another layer of protection.

  • Mae

    I never got it. My parents and i felt it was rushed too much . That didnt stop my Highschool and doctor from trying to pressure me into getting it. my own doctor tried to get me to waive my parents consent for getting it!
    There’s actually been articles published now that there are multiple common bad symptoms reported, like skin lesions … The worst proven cases against it have been – a young girl in Australia became completely infertile after the shot.. Another case a year or so ago, a young boy was accidentally given the shot by mistake. The nurse had gotten it mixed up with the children’s shots .. Unfortunately, that little boy (3 years old) developed leukemia , which his doctors believe was caused by the shot .
    Gardisil was never tested against cancers, and skipped a lot of tests. The FDA even admitted they rushed the vaccine ,

  • kelly sanders

    I got it. I never had intercourse, its no big flippin deal!

  • Lucy Carson

    I’m not getting it. Now or ever!

    • ICanMakeYouSmile

      And….. why?

    • Sophia

      why not i got mine when i was 13. actually the flu shot hurts more than this one. it was super quick and easy. and its better to be safe than sorry. Ive never been sexually active.(yet) but i still think its a good idea to get it. my mom was opposed to it at first but after the doctor said that its a good i dea she was fine with it.

      • Suzanne

        Sophia, the Gardasil 9 is out now. It protects against five more strains of the virus. Hopefully those of us that got the original Gardasil can receive a booster shot to give us the extra protection, although I would get three more if I have to.