7 Ways To Deal When You Hate Your Friend’s Boyfriend

Imagine meeting your best friend’s boyfriend for the first time only to discover that… you absolutely can’t stand him. Whatever the reason, you can’t stand to be near him – and meanwhile, your BFF is head over heels. You can’t help but wonder how an amazing chick like her can date, and like, such a loser dude.

Ugh. Disliking a friend’s boyfriend can be kind of the worst and unfortunately, it will probably happen to all of us at some point in our lives. You want to be supportive for your friend and her new relationship and her happiness, but how can you be when you hate her boyfriend? You want to be honest with her, but at the same time, you don’t want to lose her as your BFF. So what exactly are you supposed to do?

I’ve had more than enough experience in this department (my friend’s pick some real winners, let me tell you) and so I’ve come up with a few ways to deal with hating your friend’s boyfriend… because that lame dude is probably not worth losing your BFF over.

Do you hate any of your friend’s boyfriends? How do you deal with it? Would you be honest with your best friend if you didn’t like her boyfriend? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Mikey

    First. This was a great advice piece! Second. I’m a guy. Hope that doesn’t disqualify me from participating in convo. My best friend is a beautiful vibrant woman with so much to offer. She’s dating the most unattractive guy. Not just physically unnatractive. But he is gross to look at. Greasy and has a bull ring in his nose. His personal hygiene is terrible, teeth rotting out of his face from being a chain smoker. He’s14 years younger than her and as dumb as a rock. He’s technically married and has a baby. Seperated for a very short time and claims his wife cheated on him which i have my doubts about that. Now he’s living with my bff. She seems to be going through a bout with lonliness and I’m scared he’s gonna rip her off or knock her up or both! I’ve been making comments and asking questions but I’m careful to not be too mean. Im waiting for them to break up but even that makes me feel like a jerk. So I avoid him. I will only hang out with my bff when she’s alone and I try to to talk about anything else but her little boy toy.

  • Carly Gillibrand

    help! my bestie is hanging out with a creep hes a creep because he wont leave her alone he has stalked her and flirts with her i know he probably thinks she is an easy lay but she doesnt know i know he will use her ! he wants to date her and compliments her im so worried she will get hurt

  • lanieloo

    My best friend is just like a sister to me. Lately I feel like all she ever talks about is him and the only person she wants to hang out with is him. AND when i’m lucky enough to get her alone, she always invites him to hang out. He came with us to see The Fault In Our Stars and he constantly talked to her the whole time!!!! Monday was my birthday and I wanted to go to the local waterpark with her and hangout, just us girls. We get there and whadda ya know, hes there. The worst part is that they found me a really nice guy who’s super into me but I don’t like him that way, and they’re both infuriated with me. I want to be there for her when he breaks her heart which I know will happen and that’s why I put up with it. But, Really? How am I supposed to feel like i’m not just being used? Someone help

  • Marie

    okay so back in high school I had a close friend named Lexie and then my best friend named Nicole. Lexie, Nicole and I would always hangout together. Lexie started working at a pizza place and then her boss started to hit on her. she was only 15 and he was 26. they started to date and she lost her virginity to him at that age. I completely cannot stand this creepy pervert! he is like known for flirting with all the girls at work who are way younger than him. Lexie even found nude pictures of different girls on his phone as they we dating! not only that but he’s just disgusting.. like he’s a huge pot head and is always getting high and drunk with teenagers. he smokes like a pack of ciggs a day and he’s an ex heroin addict!!! he’s short and fat and just why did she like him?? like alright he’s funny but come on now!! he’s so manipulative and he’s just so old ew!!! okay so Lexie and him ended up breaking up and then me and Nicole graduated highschool and things happened between us and Lexie and now me and Nicole aren’t friends with her anymore. but guess what!!! Nicole got a job where Lexie worked and that same creepy guy started hitting on her and guess what!!??? she cheated on her boyfriend of 3 years with that old creep!!! Nicole is 18 and that guy is now 28. Nicole’s boyfriend found out she cheated on him with this loser and broke up with her. now Nicole and the loser are always hanging out and hooking up! I’m so scared they’ll start dating!!! ugh I don’t get it!! me and Nicole use to talk about how gross this guy was together as Lexie dated him but now Nicole is basically dating that creep! what’s wrong with my friends!?

  • Marisa

    My best friend’s boyfriend is the definition of a lowlife dcik. He treats her like garbage, making up critical comments that he says “his friends” or his “family” have said about her. Every month I have to deal with her crying and being upset because he had made her feel like she’s less than what she is. He thinks because he has money he’s above everybody else. He’s called me fat and stupid and thinks my boyfriend isn’t worth anything because my boyfriend has to work His way through graduate school. But now she’s moving in with the a-hole and is convinced she’s in love with him. She doesn’t understand why I can’t stand him and it’s creating a rift in our seven year long friendship. Any advice? :/

  • andie

    ok by 2 best friends and i have been friends for years i cant even remember when we started hanging out but about 2 years ago my one bff started dating this guy. now before they started dating the guy and i were kinda friends, mostly because hes cousins with my other bff. everything was good but this past year has been aweful! he has been a total A**! he talks down to all 3 of us, especially me and his cousin, and acts like hes smarter than all of us and a know it all and more mature and superior when 1. we are older than him and 2. we get better grades than him so he has nothing to talk about!!! and hes soo clingy that its pissing me off!!!!! we cant go anywhere without him going, even if we plan it to be just a girls day he always some how weasles his way in with some stupid excuse like he doesnt want his gf to drive in such bad weather when the weather is perfectly fine and in all honestly quite awesome! he even managed to join our senior ag class when hes a freaking junior!! and of course he has to sit right beside me! i have to go to the library for lunch so that i am spending as little time as possible with him so that i dont blow a gasket. I try avoiding him as much as possible but its imposible because there is no such thing as alone time with them. and he’s so sang prideful that if hes a royal jerk to me and/or my other bff that he wont even say sorry he just expects us to forgive him. and hes so perfect in me bff eyes that she doesn’t even see it, and the worst part is they are now ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me what do I do!!!

  • Zeta

    my friend is in 5th grade and she has a 6th grade BF. He treats me and ALL of her friends bad not one single person supports her love for him and if her parents knew he was a jackass they would make her break up with him. He thinks he is a chick magnet and makes all these comments about how cute and loving he is ( the guy says this about himself). what do I do?

    • ok

      Whoa what you are in 5th grade and dating? Don’t worry you guys are still really young and her relationship will most probably end quickly so you wont have to worry about him for long.