10 Things Perfect For A Romantic Date In The Rain

How crazy is it that it’s almost April?! Time to break out that old saying: “April showers, bring May flowers.” But let’s focus on the “April showers” part. Ummm, rainy weather can easily make you feel a little blah, and if you have a date, sometimes seeing the clouds open up can really bum you out.

But don’t despair! A little rain doesn’t have to ruin a date. I know you can think of many movies where the characters have a romantic moment in the rain. We’ve round up some adorably romantic-themed rain gear to get you looking fabulous and ready to tackle any sort of weather. Check out these ten cute rain duds to keep you dry on your date!

Have you ever had a date ruined by the rain? What is your go-to rainy day gear? Tell me in the comments.


Did you hear? Overalls are making a comeback!

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  • Raven

    Ha! You think April is bad? Try living in Portland! It rains All. The. Time. Still, cute stuff