From The Message Boards: He Kissed Me & Now He Won’t Talk To Me

Mixed signals are no fun, and they certainly aren’t easy to deal with. I mean, things would just be so much less complicated if everyone were upfront about what they wanted, right? The answer is yes.

I’m currently dealing with a dude who’s giving mixed signals, and it’s just a pain! This week, y’all are talking about what to do if he kissed you but now he won’t talk to you. What gives?! This goes for any kind of hook up and ditch move. It’s not cool, and it can be very unsettling.

Do you confront him? Should you let it go? It’s all sorts of confusing.

What did y’all have to say about the topic?

MUNgirl said:

Yes! Definitely!

It’s not worth making a scene over, but I think you should calmly interrogate him. You may then proceed to scold him for leading you on if you get a reaction different than what you wanted. Just pull him to the side and confront him when no one’s looking. He owes you an explanation at the very least. It’ll work out! Best of luck!

mandakim said:

Yes, you do have the right to be peed off. He at least owes you an explanation as to why his attitude towards you has changed so much. Try talking to him quietly and ask what’s going on because he’s confusing you.

Ramroom12cat said:

Oh that’s a jerk move. You should go up to him and simply ask “I believe the other day our lips met, some people call that a kiss. So how about you quit acting like it never happened and talk to me?” Personally I would say that.

Yeah, the general consensus is to confront, and I agree. In my personal experience, it’s best to do this in person or with a phone call because text-confrontations NEVER work in your favor. You can’t convey tone, and it’s too impersonal.

I’ve actually had this situation happen to me. It turns out this guy wasn’t over his ex when we kissed. But instead of just being honest and talking to me about it, he totally blew me off and ignored me. So I was over here like “Ummm what’s going on, you just kissed me!” and found out on Facebook like a week later that he got back together with his ex. It was really fun, you guys.

Honestly, there’s no rhyme or reason why guys do things like this. And girls do it too! I know a lot of girls that will kiss a guy just to see if he’ll kiss her back and then never talk to him again. So not okay.

Really, communication is key here. If you’re feeling confused and want an explanation, then you have to ask for one because he won’t give it to you on his own. Confrontation sucks, but it’s the only way you’re going to get an answer.

Have you ever been kissed and then ignored? What did you do about it? Tell me in the comments!

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  • jess

    This totally sucks! I met this guy when we were both really drunk and we laughed it off the next time we met. At the time I had a boyfriend but we werent in a good place and y the second time I had broke up with him and was therefore single. When we kissed the second time we took it a little further with some touching.

    I really started feeling like I liked him and wanted to get to know him. After that night we swapped numbers and the next day he text saying that it will never happen again. I accepted that thinking I would later get an explanation but no.

    Niw after avoiding the pub for a week he is back but he cant even look me let alone say hi. Its awkward and embarrassing now and I feel hurt! He eobt even reply to my text.

  • Ariesgirl

    Yes , it happend to me , and now he is ignoring me to hell.. he wont even look at me .. i wrote to him twice , the last time he did´´d not respond my last text i don´t know if i´t´s because i what are you doing more than just standing in the wardrobe (he works on a club)on your work and look cute..and this was the last time i wrote.. When i´m am at his work he just ignores me and yeasterday he stod in the reception and we walked in and he was just like hiding him self but he saw us. He owns me an explantion the kiss was about a year ago and this sucks…What to do i have tried to figure out and tah he will tell me but nothings happens..

  • Madi

    This JUST happened to me. We sort of flirted for a while, but were both dating other people. The other day we were at a rehearsal and he asked to talk to me. When we went into the hall, he kissed me (passionately). The next day, he texted me to apologize. When I told him that I enjoyed it, he replied that he regretted it, and was going to forget it ever happened. Now, he refuses to even acknowledge my existence, and won’t speak to me at all, or look me in the eyes. I’m so embarrassed, as I finally let myself go and kissed him back, and because he made a mistake in kissing me, I’m the one who has to deal with it and all of the emotions it brought up.

  • Em

    It’s what I’m going through right now! In fact, our lips met TWICE and he’s pretending like nothing ever happened. Thank you for this article, at least I can be more sure that I’m not going crazy/imagining things. We actually used to be friends, so it sucks that everything is awkward now. I used to have a crush on him, so I’m disappointed now to realize that he didn’t kiss me out of like/love, but is just treating me like some sort of plaything. Not only is he not being a nice potential partner, but he is being a horrible friend, and I feel betrayed.

  • tundalia

    i think if he got a gf nd thats your bitch nd yall kissed yall shold break up nd if u told her that u liked that guy nd she go back nd go with him i would beat her fucking ass like ur mii bitch u dnt do that

  • Ceciella

    This has happened to me before.. Yes it’s a jerk move but he may have his reasonings.. I know my “boy toy” did.. Just give him some time to think.. He’ll be back before you know it.. They always come back for more 😉

  • JadeLouwese_23

    It’s really confusing. A guy also kissed me, I responded and after that we never talked about it. He’s a close friend of mine, a very close one. He knew that I see him as my best friend, but we never had a quality time together until last month. I know that he’s attracted to me eversince but there are lots of girls that he’s also attracted to. Im aware of that coz he told me, he’s always telling me. But everytime Im going to share about the guys that I have a crush on, he’s totally quiet and didn’t give any comments, somtimes he changes the subject. We’re exchanging sweet messages before but we both know that its just for fun. But after he hugged me and kissed me, something had changed. He’s not sweet anymore and it seems like we’re not that close before. While on the other hand, Im still acting the same, like it never happened. But ofcourse I was moved by that and I learned to like him more than a friend. Im planning to confront him about whats the real score between us but I think he’s not that interested anymore. Im confused because he still sends messages that hes happy “blahblahblah” but if I ask him to share he wouldn’t reply. I don’t want to assume but he’s really acting like he’s bitter. I dont know, hmm. I wish I can bring our friendship back. It’s all that matters. He didn’t even know that he’s my first kiss. :/