Should I Have Sex On Prom Night?

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smileybubbly123 said:

“My boyfriend and I have known each other for about 3 years, but we’ve only been official for about a year. This May we’re supposed to go to prom together, and well you know people will be getting rooms and what not. We just recently started taking it to the next level.

Well let me cut to the chase, we might get a room, and I’m wondering if sex would be a bad idea? I’m ready, I know pretty much everything there is. I know the protection we need, and I have a back up. What do you think ?”

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  • Addie

    You asked this question on this site, which means you’re having doubts, and if you’re having any doubts whatsoever then it’s not the right decision for you

  • Sam

    dont listen to anybody on this site your life your descision everybody else can kick rocks

  • shawn J.

    no, no, and no. Honestly- tell him before hand that you’re not ready to sleep with him on Prom night, and that you’re interested in having a good clean fun night. If that changes where he’s at in how he “loves” you then you know he’s a dickhead.

    Someone who loves you should not require, or expect that of you. Prom night is NOT a good reason to feel like it’s time. Losing your virginity at Prom is not a good idea. not in the slightest. Not even if you’re ready… you’ll always wonder (if it doesn’t turn out in the end) if it was just the pressure of the date.

    I waited till marriage- I know I’m in the minority. I won’t tell you that’s the only way. It is a smart way for many. The type of fidelity I expect from my wife now and what she expects from me is something that we can only have for each other because we both are each other’s only partners. Sex is not about only love. It’s not about only pleasure. It can be SO much more than that on a physical and emotional level. Don’t cheapen it for “prom” because you both dressed up and paid a bunch of money. You can bet good money if your first night is prom night, he will plaster the news of your lost virginity all over the school with his friends, with anyone who will listen… and honestly, that really really cheapens the whole thing. Make it one more night if you can. At least wait until after prom. Since you are not my kid, I can’t say wait till marriage- but I can say wait one more night, and make it something that’s real. not just something that’s expected. I’m a boy- with clean good friends in high school, I still went through “did she put out” the next day after prom. Other boys are PIGS. You don’t want that to be your private life spread all over high-school.

    that’s my 2 cents. good luck.

  • LaLaLa

    If you’re super comfortable with it, then go for it, gurl!

    But, if you’re having any doubt, probably not the best idea.
    Being nervous is fine and normal, but seriously debating as to whether you really WANT to do it in the first place, probably is a sign that you should hold out for a little while.

    I would love to do it for the first time on prom night. Perfect. 😀

  • Gen

    Do it if you’re ready, but you seem like you want to do it ONLY because everybody else does. Not sure if I’d like to loose my virginity for a “Everybody had sex, so we did” rather than a “I lost my virginity because I was ready and perfectly in sync with my boyfriend”. It looks like social pressure (everybody gets a room, so we have too, right?/Should I have sex that night?) I have no doubt in you being aware of what you should do (backup plan, condom protection, etc) which is great, but if you’re asking about your plans here (and not talking heart-to-heart about it to your boyfriend), I don’t think you’re 100% sure about doing it that night i.e., you’re feeling a little insecure. Better do it another time, where you’ll be more relaxed and ready than prom night.

    Good luck!

  • Missy

    There’s nothing wrong with the decision. If you want to and you both are comfortable with doing so then i don’t think it’s a problem. If there’s anything to be concerned about is if you’re rushing it because it’s prom not or if you’re uncomfortable, but other then that i think you’re good. have fun (;

  • Olivia

    If you are ready and love eachother I would say go for it. I would just say that once you go there you cant go back. There will be an expectation to have sex after you start. Just keep that in mind.

  • Adrienne

    Don’t have sex, wait until after marriage. It’s the best decision.

    • N.

      Okay, it’s not always the best decision for everyone. She made it clear she’s at least comfortable with the idea of sex, don’t tell people how to live their lives.

      • Marie

        Wait, what?? So it’s super rare to see someone who has the same name as me (I usually go by my middle name, Marie, though Adrienne is my first name) AND this person has pretty much the same views regarding sex as me?? Um…I’m a little weirded out.

        But like N said, it may not be the best decision for everyone. Either way, if you’re at all unsure, just don’t. It’s not something you can go back on.

      • Feartherabbit

        That’s her opinion and she can state it if she wants to. Many people agree with what she said, including myself, but there are also many people who agree with you,so let’s please be nice.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t let the whole “PROM NIGHT” thing pressure you girl, if you feel totally comfortable losing your virginity to your boyfriend that night then do it, there’s nothing wrong with it! But if you are having second thoughts then I would really think about it and consider that you shouldn’t do it if its causing anxiety. Remember that its all about how YOU feel, and not what everyone else is doing! 🙂 Good luck! I don’t get to go to prom until next year, I’m in grade 11. 🙂

    hope this helps x

  • Alyssa

    Don’t have sex just because you feel obligated because it’s prom night or because “everyone is doing it”. If you feel as ready as you say you are, and know you will not regret it in the end.. do what YOU feel right and comfortable with doing. When you’re ready, losing your virginity at Prom could be a very romantic and intimate experience.

    • friends