8 Ways To Do Damage Control When You Message The Wrong Person

So yesterday, I had a pretty embarrassing moment. I got an email, but I had a question about it so I needed to forward it to someone else to read. I was heading to a meeting so I informally jotted out my rambling questions about it and hit send.


To say I was mortified is just the tip of the iceberg, but I apologized and explained the situation. Luckily, the original sender was totally understanding. Giant sigh of relief. I didn’t have to start crying all over my desk and de-activate all electronic communication forever.

Unfortunately, similar things have happened before. On a number of occasions I’ve sent a text message to the totally wrong person. Usually in those cases the message went to a friend, so I could laugh it off, but every once in a while, it’s a bit more traumatic. So if you are like me and just sent a message to the wrong person, what should you do? Well, depending on what happened, I think there’s different ways you can go about your damage control:

Have you ever sent a message to the wrong person? Who was it for and who did you send it to? How did you handle it? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Sophie Montgomery

    My friend and her boyfriend were being super asses and so I text my other friend “maybe the reason they like each other is because they can be judgmental assholes together” but I sent it to my friend and she read it to we boyfriend. Then she says “did u mean to send this to me” I reply “yeah” and she was really confused, I acted like it was a joke but I don’t think she thinks I really meant to send it to her. She’s acted the same but her bf has been rude ever since…. I feel like such a bitch.

  • dee

    I text my fiancé mother on a accident. I said that I love you and that I could not wait for him to eat me out again…and he was actually with her that morning. Omg omg omg I texted her I was Sorry she does not speak English so I know she called me some cocheno names lol…IM SOOOO SORRY MOM, this is so embarrassing…I’m never texting again…

  • Peter Hernandez

    I have the worst! I said this not even a min ago… I’m living with family friends they fed me dinner. I texted my gf and said it’s fucking depressing here and the grandma gave me her chicken wtf.. and sent it to the mom of the house. I feel so bad I just wanna kill myself. I’m so pissed at this generation not making a phone that deletes the fucking text messages If there not read. You lazy fuckerz got me so fucked.

  • Adam

    I was texting a girl i have a a crush on then, my friend asks,”What did she say” I repeated exactly what she texted and mistakenly send it back to the girl I love. Now my heart is palpitating.

  • rebecca

    Im pretty sure mine is the worst.. i was snapchatted my boyfriend who is in london and blah blah blah i sent him a picture of my butt …i dont know how or when but it had snapped to my bestfriend and “my story”.. four people veiwed it and one screenshot.. i uninstalled snapchat and confronted the people who view it and i still dont remember who was the fourth person to view it the thing is when i confronted them they didnt even know it was mine .. they thought it was just a friend changing in my room .. moral of the story make sure you triple check who you are sending it to..

  • 555

    I once texted my dad instead of my hubby about having a quick BJ

  • Sydnie

    I meant to send a message to my mom but instead I sent it to my crush who I was arguing with! Oops

  • nohemi

    Today I saw a funny pic that said
    Your face I like that thing and I ended up sending it to my crush and said wrong person and he said hoekay I am pretty sure he is mocking me or something and I have him tomorrow and I don’t know if I should go . If I go it will be awkward but if I don’t then It will show I am immature . Should I go ? Is he mocking me ? Help!!!

  • Ranbir Singh

    May be some has hacked my number and sending msg from my number to unknown person how can i handle and or how can i know that ….. who is this,…..

    Plz help me

  • Roanne

    Three years ago my crush (now ex bf) gave me his (mom’s) number.
    I got so exited that I texted my bestie while we were still texting… :s
    I had a crappy Nokia so it kept the last number you were texting. I wrote “OMG I’ve got his number!!” and pressed twice on send… Until I realized I sent it to him!! I tried a thousand times to cancel but it was too late 😛
    When I sent “sorry wrong person” he answered “it’s okay I understand you’re happy to text me ;)”
    We laughed abt it for a long time 😀

  • Tammi

    I was writing a text to a friend of mine about an ex, and I accidentally sent it to the person I was talking about and I totally feel embarrassed because he’s so annoyed with me and also he hasn’t seen the message because I sent it at 4am and now I can’t sleep thinking about what he’s gonna say to me when he sees it.

  • ricky

    Just sent a message to a buddy of mine that was two hours at jcpenny just ti vent a little I actually sent it to my gf on a complety different subject, but conclusion I made it look like I sent it on purpose and said it was all planned out. Im pretty good thinking under presure 😉

  • Wimpy

    OMG #6 is especially horrific. I just got my first smartphone so naturally I was fond of it. One morning I woke up very early 4 am and can’t go back to sleep. I tried to practice on the tiny keyboard because it was so hard to use. But what to type? I typed nasty things about someone (she’s got hair so crap, attitude sucks, infinitesimal boobs, etc.), just for practice, then when I thought I pressed the Enter key I actually pressed the Send key. Oh fuck! Then when I thought things wouldn’t get any worse I actually sent it TO THE PERSON I WAS TRASH TALKING ABOUT. What the actual fuck!
    Oh well, better for them to realize what they look like to me….

  • Mia

    I was on facebook messaging the guy I like and talking to my best friend he has braces and I ment to send “Lol he had and over bite and I had a under bite” I am to afraid to go on facebook because I sent that to him

  • Jade

    Well…. When I was 12, I did something horrible. I had a boyfriend for about 3 months (a long time at that age!!) but when I broke up with him, I still had his number. So when I had to put it in the contact box to copy it from, and say “ha ha just broken up with the bf, so funny I bet he is in tears right now

  • Brandi

    I was freaking out that I may have gotten oral thrush from my husband from you know performing oral on him and that I was freaking out. I sent a text to my husband before my drs appointment and ooopss sent it to my Boss. He is very religious and it was very awkward. Turns out i didn’t have thrush just a big case of embarrassment!

  • Georgina

    I didn’t have a phone lock on my phone so sometimes my phone would text or call someone by accident. One day my phone was clever enough to type O b po llppipo, that doesn’t make sense then it sent it, and it just had to be sent to my boss didn’t it! all whilst my phone was in my pocket whilst traveling on the bus home. My boss obviously saw it and texted back What? lol and then I had to explain to her that it was an accident, she probably thought I was lying though and was mucking round with her. Since then I have set the phone lock on.

  • Amy

    Ok one time I meant 2 send my best friend an invite 2 the movies but I accidentally send it two one of my guys friends! At first I didn’t really worry about it but the next day @ school his girlfriend was telling everyone that I was trying two break them up! Even after I explained everything she still didn’t believe me. And to top it all off the guy I actually liked heard the rumor an now we barely talk. Lets just say now I’m a lot more careful with my texts.

  • savanna

    Well it wasn’t a text but one time i said something embarrassing in a voicemail. I had called my best friend who is a guy. And at the end I said I love you I guess i was just used to it from calling dad all the time I was so embarrassed, but luckily he never mentioned it to me

    • Emily

      Haha, makes me think of the time I absentmindedly said ‘love you’ to a guy I had just met.. I waved and opened my mouth to say ‘see you’ but messed it up along the way! He didn’t seem to notice, but my friends all did and so did I..

  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    It’s times like these that I’m glad of three things. 1: I don’t text much, and when I do, it’s usually just to convey some kind of information. I never have lengthy, personal conversations over text. 2: I don’t have a smartphone, so my inbox is organized a bit differently. Plus, no touch screen means it’s harder to accidentally select the wrong person from my contacts list. 3: My contacts list is pretty small, so there aren’t as many people to choose from, meaning it’s a lot easier to find the person I want to send a message to.

    • Robin

      I am definitely getting a phone that sounds like yours!!! I texted the wrong person because I have a touch screen and now I am in a mess. this phone has to go in the garbage!! I now have to rectify what I said and that is a lot harder than you think!! I did not mean to insult her but that is what happened and she should never have gotten that text!!! Family is so hard to undo a “foot in mouth”