8 Ways To Do Damage Control When You Message The Wrong Person

So yesterday, I had a pretty embarrassing moment. I got an email, but I had a question about it so I needed to forward it to someone else to read. I was heading to a meeting so I informally jotted out my rambling questions about it and hit send.


To say I was mortified is just the tip of the iceberg, but I apologized and explained the situation. Luckily, the original sender was totally understanding. Giant sigh of relief. I didn’t have to start crying all over my desk and de-activate all electronic communication forever.

Unfortunately, similar things have happened before. On a number of occasions I’ve sent a text message to the totally wrong person. Usually in those cases the message went to a friend, so I could laugh it off, but every once in a while, it’s a bit more traumatic. So if you are like me and just sent a message to the wrong person, what should you do? Well, depending on what happened, I think there’s different ways you can go about your damage control:

Have you ever sent a message to the wrong person? Who was it for and who did you send it to? How did you handle it? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Nova

    I think i win idiot of the universe award… i just need to crawl into a hole and die now… ??? i just found out that nudes that were suposed to go to my boyfriend i accidentaly sent to my stepdad… and my mom opened them up…. that was not a pleasent conversation even though im and adult…. im never going to live this down….. whats worse is my boyfriend and stepdad have the same name as well as i call my bf daddy….im completly mortified ?????????

  • Linda

    I accidentally texted the word BITCH to a group of parents from my sons soccer team. I was so embarrassed since I’m team mom! Text was actually meant for my husband! Lol

  • Lauren

    I accidentally sent a text to my grandma of a picture of a text my friend sent me about my weird friend and it says some weird stuff and she is apostolic Christian please help!! I need some advice

  • Lucky Babiee

    Y’all think y’all have it bad I took a pic that my Fam will consider inappropriate and I accidentally sent it to my Mom… Don’t know what to say back in the text Plz help

  • Tabby Angoracat

    I contacted a tree service on Facebook to help with an emergency in my yard. Then I resumed my childish banter with my friend, complete with sending a picture of cupcakes shaped like female parts with a terrible caption. Childish I know.
    I then saw that it was NOT sent to my friend, but to the tree service. I had to face them as they came to my house for the appointment. I apologized, but I felt like I was having an outer body experience I was so embarrassed.

  • School Shit

    I sent a snap, supposed to be just sent to my BFF. Then I accidentally sent it to a person in my class who is like the popular person in my class. I did say it was a accidental snap. Then I unfriended them on snapchat then added them again..And they also sent me a chat saying “Lol”.
    And now I have to deal with all the gossip of a nimrod (me) sending a weird snap.