High Heels Look Pretty, But They’re Not For My Feet


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I don’t watch Pretty Little Liars on TV, but I did read the books and I always had kind of a soft spot for Hanna. So anyway, I was pretty stoked when I learned that Ashley Benson (who plays Hanna on the show) and I have some similar tastes when it comes to style.

Ashley recently told Glamour, “I feel uncomfortable when I’m in Hanna’s clothes just because I hate wearing heels, and she’s always in heels. My feet hurt!”

Oh, Ash (can I call you that?) – I can totally relate to the suckiness of having pained feet. Not to go too TMI on you all, but my feet have been through some pretty gross stuff.

During field hockey camp, I was notorious for getting the nastiest blood blisters (yeah, not pleasant). These days, I try to give my feet TLC on the reg with a lot of scrubs and creams (and fun polish!), but probably the thing that I stick to the most is sliding into comfy shoes. Like Ashley, I’m just not a heels girl.

I wear my sneakers everywhere in New York. Maybe that’s not like super fashionable on NYC streets, but hey, that’s what I like. Don’t get me wrong, I think heels are beautiful. When I go shopping, I’ll look at them all, but it always is like I am more in a museum and never in the market to actually buy the art. I can appreciate, but it’s generally not for me to bring home.

Sometimes when I try walking in heels, I just feel totally off balance or super self-conscious about them clacking on the wood floor (like, maybe it’s only me that can hear it, but I end up walking in strange ways to avoid it). All in all, not really the confident vibe I’m going for.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I totally hate heels. Wearing them every once in a while can help me out when I need a little boost from feeling glam. But I honestly only have one pair that I can tolerate wearing. They’re basic, black, not very high. They’re nothing fancy, and luckily, not terribly uncomfortable.

That said, there’s still been many a time when I’ve thought about wearing them out, only to slip into my super comfy sneakers last minute instead. Just thinking about all the walking I’m going to do in those heels ends up making me anxious, and I’d rather be comfortable and smiling than in my heels and whining (because yeah, I have had those nights).

When I read recently about Sarah Jessica Parker talking about how years of heel wearing had hurt her feet, I let out a “Yikes!” Maybe I’m not really in the same high-fashion indstury as SJP, but it does make me nervous what a certain shoe could do.

Even looking beyond the fact that heels can make my feet angry, it’s also worth noting that I’m pretty short, and I love that. While I am always fascinated by how taller people see the world differently than me (this is a game I like to play with my super tall best friend), I like my everyday height. It may be silly but sometimes when I wear heels, just being that much taller doesn’t feel totally right for me.

Ashley went on to tell Glamour that besides uncomfy heels, she likes getting to try out a style different from her usual one when she goes to work. I totally get that. I’ll do the heel thing when I need to and it can be fun to mix it up, but at the end of the day, I’m a sneaker girl through and through. If Ashley ever wants to swap sneakers, I’d totally be down, but I’d also probably pass on Hanna’s heels.

What are your favorite shoes to wear? How do you feel about high heels? Love them? Hate them? Wear them sometimes? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Tasha

    Try not being medically allowed/able to wear heels and going shoe shopping…it’s a nightmare!

  • Jessica

    I love to look at heel but I’m about 5 ‘6 and I like being that height and I get “the you’re so tall look from my friends” I’m more of a converse ,combat boot and ugg boot girl and the summer flip flop Girl. I would love to wear heel to party but I just feel awkward it just not the look for me

  • Ri

    Love heels, rarely wear them. But I hate flats, they have no support for my high arches and make my feet sweat! Tennis shoes or other cute shoes, or even short wedge heels with inserts are totally fine.

  • perfectdisaster

    I’m 5’3, and when i get a pair of heels, they’re usually like 3-4 inches tall. but yeah, it iiis kinda awkward being really tall especially compared to the girls who for some reason are almost all really short, but, i usually wear them when i’m feeling good that day. yknow.? .. cause it’s like you’re walking tall with confidence or something.

  • ashley

    I love high heels i wear them as much as i can even on regular basis in college and girls totally tell me how much they envy me when they see me walking in them,i mean i am comfortable in walking in them its weird but i cant walk in flats i just feel like i am walking bare footed , i love my height 5’8 but i love heels too 🙂

  • The One and Only

    I hate wearing heels. I can’t stand them. I have three pairs at home but I will not wear them at all. They are only one to three inches but still I really want to throw them away. My mom forced me to wear the three inch heels for homecoming and I was like, “I’m taking these off right after photos.” And I did! She asked me to put them back on and I said no, I am not going to be forced to wear heels. I love my height, I don’t want to wear heels to change it. I will never change my height. I’m considered on the short side around 5’3-5’4. But heels, I WILL NEVER WEAR THEM. Flats? LOVE THEM!!!

    • Lizette_

      I hate wearing heels also ! It’s irritating !

  • Georgina

    I never wear heels. I wear flat shoes. I am tall enough, wearing heels will only make me taller

  • savanna

    I love high heels. Most of mine are lower heels but i like heels that are open toed and opened back. i can’t really walk in heels but i love them

  • Katherine

    @Lana – Me too!

    I’m working my way up in heel height, but my walking speed is still a little faster than standstill.

  • Lana

    OMG! This describes me to the T. I hate wearing heels, especially since I walk very fast. When I wear heels, I also feel a bit too tall and self-conscious (I’m only 5’6″).