The Steubenville Rape Case Continues: If You’re Too Drunk To Walk, Chances Are You’re Too Drunk To Give Consent

Steubenville rape

This photo from the night of the alleged Steubenville rape went viral. | Source: Anonymous

The now-infamous Steubenville, Ohio rape case is in its first days of trial this week, and the more details emerge, the scarier it all gets.

Witnesses in the case are explaining that the victim, whose name hasn’t been revealed (thank goodness), was so drunk that she could barely walk, and that’s a big deal. Why? Because if she was that drunk, she also couldn’t legally give consent, which is really important in getting the alleged rapists convicted.

There’s been an ongoing debate in the Steubenville case as to whether or not the victim was conscious when the incident (or incidents, depending on how you look at it) occurred, and witnesses have various stories as to whether or not she was actually passed out throughout the night. But they all agree: she was in really, really bad shape. One witness said she’d never seen the victim that drunk ever before. Another witness said that the next day, the victim was crying and saying she didn’t remember anything that happened. (If you remember, the rape case came about after the accusers’ friends, who are apparently just as much dumb scumbags as they are, released pictures and tweets of the incident.)

What’s disturbing is that local police in Steubenville took 16 days–that’s over two weeks, girls–to take the victim’s clothes in for analysis in their lab. As a result, some crucial DNA evidence for the case may have been lost, and a lot of fingers are being pointed at Steubenville as a town and their strong football culture, with people insinuating that the cops may have deliberately stalled as a means to protect the Steubenville High School football players who are accused of the assault.

It’s super important to remember that regardless of reports, these guys are innocent until proven guilty. But if this girl was as wasted as it appears, then she legally was unable to give consent, which doesn’t look promising for the accused, Trent Mays and Ma’Lik Richmond.

It’s also really important to remember–and I mentioned this yesterday–that regardless of what happens, rape is not the victim’s fault. Obviously, there are situations that are safer than others, and ideally, underage and binge drinking wouldn’t happen, because they make everything murky, scary and more dangerous. But two wrongs don’t make a right: It’d be dumb for me to leave me car unlocked with a bag of money in the backseat, but it’d still be wrong for someone to steal it. Someone being inebriated doesn’t give anyone else the right to violate you, to do the wrong thing or to break the law. That’s why rape is illegal–not being a rape victim.

Do you think the Steubenville rape case was indeed rape? Do you think the victim of the Steubenville rape case had it coming? Do you think it’s ever a victim’s fault for rape? What do you think the outcome of the Steubenville rape trial will be? Tell us in the comments!

Hackers exposed crucial information on the Steubenville rape case!

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  • Ralph Urmson

    Someone provided the alcohol for these kids. Why are they not being prosecuted? If we can hold a bartender accountable for serving a drunken person why are we not prosecuting the adults that provided the alcohol. I have not seen any articles about these people being prosecuted.

  • Rose

    Yes it was rape! There was a video found through hacking! I couldn’t watch it because I feel like I would have thrown up from what was described happened. I found out from watching The Phillip DeFranco show when he took most of the video to discuss this. In the video apparently they said she was dead which means she had to be unconsious I posted a comment on the video stating my opinion which was basically I don’t give a fuck WHO was raped drunk, sleep, arrested rape is rape! No one deserves to be raped and rapists should never be able to get away with it no matter WHO they are!