Chewing Gum Makes You Focus

You know how some teachers get mad if you chew gum in class? Some schools even have rules against gum! Well, chewing gum is actually really beneficial for your brain. Because science!

Seriously, chewing gum makes you focus better. Before, gum was known to give you an edge when it came to memory-related tasks. Now a new study determined that gum gives you an advantage when focusing on hearing-related tasks too.

People who participated in the study were split into two groups. They all had to listen to numbers read out loud and then were scored on how well they could detect sequences of odd-even-odd numbers. One group chewed gum and one didn’t.

The group that chewed gum were more accurate and had quicker reaction times. Kate Morgan, of Cardiff University, explained in a news release, “Participants who didn’t chew gum performed slightly better at the beginning of the task but were overtaken by the end. This suggests that chewing gum helps us focus on tasks that require continuous monitoring over a longer amount of time.”

So when you’re studying for a test or cleaning your room, pop in a piece of gum because it will help you focus if it’s a task that will take you a while.

Even if it’s just a slight increase in concentration, this is good news! I’m a gum fanatic and was always getting in trouble with my teachers.

I just wish I knew this before because maybe I could have gotten out of detention.

Do you think chewing gum makes you focus better? Have you experienced better concentration while chewing gum? Tell me in the comments!

Showering can make you a genius!

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  • JonLiang

    Is this study conducted and paid by the American Chewing Gum Manufacturer corporation?

  • maya

    I used to chew gum ALL the time when I was stressed. It helped, but now I grind my teeth and my jaw isn’t aligned properly so it clicks every time I move my mouth. And sometimes it gets stuck which is awful, I have to keep my mouth shut on an airplane because the pressure changes make it seize up and it feels like my jaw is going to snap. I have to wear a bite plate now ergh. So I’d say rather listen to classical music or something haha.