Are YOU One Of The Most Annoying People On Facebook?

Facebook annoying people

Annoying people are bad enough in real life, but they’re even worse on Facebook–and you may be one of them! | Source: ShutterStock

From vague status updates to a million duckface selfies, there are a lot of annoying people on Facebook. But it turns out that statistically, certain people and certain posts on Facebook are a lot more annoying than others. Are you guilty? Here they are in order from most to least annoying:

Most people surveyed–53 percent–said the most annoying Facebook habit their friends have is going on and on about their workouts and diets. Can’t say I blame them–the only time “running” is really interesting to anyone else is if you’re running from something: a bear, a creep, a zombie.

Somewhat ironically, the next most annoying? People who constantly take pictures of their food. Dude, I’m sure your cheesecake is delish, but unless you’re sharing the actual food, sharing photos of it is kind of lame. And truthfully, most of us are just jealous that we’re not eating the same thing.

Next up were people who post vague status updates for attention: Think “Ugh, I don’t want to talk about it,” “Can’t wait to get to the gym and work these feelings out of my system” (that one has a bonus because it’s also about working out), “I’ve learned nothing matters without trust,” “I’m always the one at the wrong time,” “There are no accidents.” (Full disclosure: These were all copied and pasted from a girl I blocked from my newsfeed who does this all the time. Which explains why I blocked her from my newsfeed.)

Also super irritating on the list? People who can’t quit sending you Mafia Wars, FarmVille, Candy Crush Saga and other annoying Facebook game invitations, followed by oversharing parents (“Johnny’s poop went all the way up his back today! We’re so proud!”) and people who “check in” constantly (which is also kinda creepy–who wants the world to know where they are all the time?).

Event spammers were also on the top 10–how irritating is it to get an event invitation to something in Chicago when you live in Florida? Rounding out the list were people who comment on every imaginable Facebook post and self-promoters who use their friends to sell things or give them publicity–think of the lame basement band you saw once whose drummer keeps posting lame videos on your wall.

If you’re guilty of any of these, don’t feel too bad–just think twice before hitting “publish” next time. Or at least pepper your jogging updates between pictures of kittens.

What do you think is the most annoying thing people do on Facebook? Are you guilty of any of the annoying activities on Facebook that made the list? Have you ever had to block someone who’s awesome in real life but super annoying on Facebook? Tell us in the comments!

Also annoying? Lying on Facebook!

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  • Jeanette

    Illness —I have a FB friend who constantly posts, aching all over this morning, hate this fibromyalgia , just done the garden now in awful pain, and so it goes on, makes me really depressed. Not sure if it’s because I ache and keep my mouth shut,or she just irritates me!!!! The other dislike is pictures of food I get this a lot, the latest is cakes, and it’s contagious because if one friend does it another goes on google and then posts a link to a cake shop, hilarious, and yes I suppose I am guilty of looking at them, and oh I play candy crush, keeps the mind active!!!!

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  • Jean

    Musicians are the most annoying people on Facebook. They care nothing except for being listened to by everyone and think they are the only people talking. I have removed all of them from my FB friends and will not accept any friend requests from them.