Please Don’t Use Your Cell Phone For STD Testing

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Sooo, how are you going to explain this app being in your phone?

These days, you can do pretty much anything with your cell phone, from playing games to finding love to swiping a credit car and everything in between. But one thing you should probably never use your cell for? STD testing.

I mean, you would think this would be pretty obvious, right? Getting tested for STDs seems relatively simple, even though it’s not the most fun thing you’ll ever do: go to a doctor and get tested. Getting tested usually involves someone all down in your business or maybe even getting blood work done. What it does not involve is the camera on your phone – or at least, it shouldn’t involve that. But apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

There’s a brand new app out there, launched just last week, that helps test you for STDs. JK, it doesn’t do that, it just thinks it does. The app is called STD Triage (totally not weird to have in your phone at all) and is a way to get a potential STD checked out. I would say this is cool but it’s actually a horrible idea, so I’m not going to say that.

How does this work? Say you think something funky is going on down there. Maybe you had sex without a condom (not good!) or maybe you hooked up with someone shady. I don’t know, whatever. You notice something weird happening and you’re worried it might be an STD. So what do you do? You snap a shot of your vay-jay-jay and send it to a random group of doctors you don’t know. I mean, obviously.

Once you’ve sent your picture over to a group of licensed dermatologists, they’ll check it out and send you back a message letting you know whether or not you should go to a doctor. It’s anonymous and you don’t have to pay until after a doctor has answered you.

Okay, so this isn’t the worst idea in the entire world, but it is pretty bad. I know this sounds super convenient and easy to use – I mean, why sit around in a waiting room to be told nothing is wrong if you could just do that in the comfort of your own home? – but I would never advise anyone to try this out. The intentions may be good, but the end result… not so great.

Here’s the problem with this app – you can’t tell exactly what is happening from a picture taken with a cell phone. An “exam” based on one image is not the right way to check things out. I know iPhones have a really great camera, but still – it’s not the same as a doctor actually looking at your down there area in person. It’s not the same at all. And don’t even get me started on the creepiness of sending out a pic of your vag to people you don’t know. Yes, I know they’re professionals and all of that, but still. Does that not make anyone else even a teensy bit uncomfortable?

Look, if you think something is wrong down there or if you think you could have contracted an STD, you should just go to a doctor. Preferably a gynecologist and not a dermatologist because the last time I checked, dermatologists don’t deal with STDs. The best way for a doctor to figure out what is going on with you is to see you in person. And I know this app may ultimately send you to a doctor, but then what’s the point? Also, what if they miss something in that little cell phone image? What if there is something they can’t see? It’s just way too easy for them to make a mistake, in my opinion.

If you feel like you need to be checked out, then make a doctor appointment and get it over with. Don’t download an app like this.

Would you ever download this app? Or would you rather go to a doctor? Do you think this is more helpful? Tell me in the comments.


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