WTF Is A Vampire Facial?

So last night on Kim And Kourtney Take Miami, Kim got a vampire facial. What’s that you ask? Oh just a casual facial where you get BLOOD INJECTED INTO YOUR FACE.

I wish I were kidding.

Apparently this is a thing. I’m all for trying new stuff and being experimental or whatever, but this is disgusting.

When you get a vampire facial, blood is taken out of your own arm (THANK GOD IT ISN’T SOMEONE ELSE’S) and then spun around to remove platelets. Because, you know, platelets aren’t great wrinkle reducers. And then your blood is injected into your face.

As someone who almost passes out at the sight of blood, I can’t even fathom this process. I think beauty innovation is awesome, but why this? WHY?!

Just because a procedure is done by a doctor doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. The vampire facial is supposed to be a good anti-aging treatment and will “rejuvenate” your skin. Well, I can’t seem to find that many people crazy enough to have tried this so I don’t know, but I’m not buying it.

Plus, Kim even asks Kourtney if her skin looked better and the answer is “No.” There are certainly other methods to holding onto your youth, Kimmy.

What do you think about vampire facials? Would you ever do one? Are you as grossed out as me? Tell me in the comments!

If you want a weird beauty trick, put salt in your shampoo

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  • lydia

    she could have just slapped herself lightly or pinched her cheeks and gave herself a blood facial from the inside out.