The Notification Bracelet Is Cool, But Why Do We Need It?

I, like mostly everyone else these days, have a bad habit of always checking my phone. It’s like an addiction now. I even feel “phantom buzzes” where I think I get a text or an email when I don’t actually get one. That seems unhealthy, right?

Well, people are about to get way more attached to their devices. Embrace+ is a bracelet that lights up when you get a call, text, email, Facebook message, tweet or whatever else you program it to alert you about. You can customize the colors, notifications and type of vibrations for a cool $49.

Now, I love technology but this is a little much. I understand if you are a ridiculously busy person who’s running in and out of meetings. This is a good way to notify you without being intrusive. But why do we need to be SO attached to our phones?

I secretly love it when I accidentally leave my phone somewhere because I’m disconnected for a minute. It’s so nice to not have the urge to check Facebook or Instagram every five seconds. It’s refreshing to not feel like I have to respond to a text right away.

This bracelet, while I’m sure very practical in certain situations, is just another way for us to sink deeper into our technology addiction. Think about how distracting this could be! What if you’re at the movies and a bunch of people’s bracelets are lighting up? Or in class and your lab partner’s notifications are going off?

We love making things easier and more convenient, but do we really need to be wearing our notifications?

What do you think about Embrace+? Would you get one? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments!

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  • xxtoxictracexx

    i think it can be really helpful because i always tend to leave my phone at home, in my locker, in the bathroom, etc. and i would get a million missed calls/texts, most of them being really important. however, i dont like the idea of connecting your facebook notifications to it because i always get like a thousand notifications a day, and i like to take long breaks from facebook so i wont go insane