Nuva Bling: The Newest, Most Fashionable Method Of Birth Control

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Sure, birth control is a super helpful and pretty wonderful invention (if you ask me), but let’s face it: it can be kind of, well, boring sometimes. We’ve all heard of the Nuva Ring, right? (No? Check it) Let’s be real – while the Nuva Ring is pretty cool, it’s also a total snoozefest. I mean, who wants to put some plain ring down there when they could put something much more stylish down there? Vagina decorations, if you will.

And that’s where the Nuva Bling comes in. What am I talking about? The Nuva Bling is a fashionable accessory – for your vagina! It’s a diamond encrusted ring, because, like I said, plain rings are so 2012. It’s birth control that’s “as sexy as you!” You can even customize it by adding charms on there! And don’t even worry about the pain, ladies. It’s worth it!

Okay, fine, it’s not real. Saturday Night Live invented it and then made a spoof birth control commercial about it. But how amazing would it be if the Nuva Bling really existed? No, amazing is not the word – crazy ridiculous is better. As insane as this sounds, I bet some people would actually use it. But since pejazzling is really thing, I honestly wouldn’t even be that surprised if the Nuva Bling actually happened.

You need to watch the Saturday Night Live spoof commerical. Seriously. It makes me really sad that I missed Justin Timberlake’s episode this week – if this video is an indication of how the show went, it’s pretty clear that I need to watch it ASAP:

My favorite part of this “commercial?” Wearing the Nuva Bling as earrings when you’re done using it down there. So, so gross – but definitely LOL worthy. But seriously, girls, don’t ever consider using anything like this. Please.

Do you think this spoof was funny? Would you ever actually use anything like Nuva Bling? Did you watch SNL this weekend? Tell me in the comments!


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