Your Complete Guide To Prom Prep

Ahh the prom! You want it to be aweseome and just like it is in the movies (not like Prom Night-yikes!).

Some proms are early and some happen later in the spring, but either way you should start preparing for it now! There is a lot to think about besides who you’re going with. Prom takes tons of planning, and if you want the night to be just how you imagine it, you have to take matters into your own hands.

Prom night can be really stressful, so make sure give yourself enough time to plan for it. We don’t want you freaking out and getting a big zit the week of, right?!

Click through for your complete guide on prom prep!

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  • Ally

    When getting ready for prom should I do my hair or makeup first?

    • Leah

      Always do hair first.

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  • It’s only prom

    One thing you missed that is essential for prom, or any major event, is undergarments, like a bra and underwear. You need to find something that goes with your dress and isn’t noticeable. And if you can, definitely buy a new bra just for prom. It’s a special time when you get to hang out with your graduating class essentially the last time. Take lots of pictures and even if you don’t have a date, don’t fret. I know so many people at my prom who didn’t have a date (including myself) and still had the time of their lives. If you’re doing your nails do it the day before and if you’re planing on dying or cutting your hair for the event do it a week before so you can get use to the hair. And remember, it’s only prom.

  • ecoutez

    I think I will crash my prom in a t-shirt and pants. And ride in on a bicycle.

  • MagneticPudding

    Yes, I am one of those girls that like to pick out their dress ahead of time, WELL ahead of time.

    I picked up my dress (since I don’t gain or lose weight too much) right after summer ended last year. It was a pretty yellow dress that went so good with my healthy summer glow and I got it for only 12 bucks! Score right! (Goodwill is my best friend)

    But the downside is, I don’t have that tan anymore. I’m naturally pale with dark brown hair and brown eyes. I’m nervous about whether I will look good in my dress anymore or not. Should I buy some of that sunless tanning lotion or just find a way to deal with the yellow on pale? :/ (not to mention my boyfriend is Filipino so that doesn’t help it any, haha)

    • Perfection-NOT

      You should try the tanning lotion and see if you like it. If you don’t, why not buy some of that sparkly glitter lotion? You’ll be pale, but a sparkly pale. Either way, you’ll be stunning!