How Do I Prevent Ingrown Hairs In My Bikini Area?

prevent ingrown hairs

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Finding a lot of ingrown hairs down there? Ouch! Those little guys are painful and annoying – so how do you prevent ingrown hairs in your bikini area? We’ve got some answers.

ChickRx expert Daniela Feri, Licensed Esthetician, Acne Specialist, says: 

There are a few things you can do to actually prevent ingrown hairs from becoming a problem in the first place.

First, it’s important to remember that ingrown hair problems are mostly caused by pressure and/or friction. As someone who performs bikini waxing services almost every day all day long, I’ve seen the most intense ingrown hair problems occur during two fashion periods – low rise jeans and skinny jeans. Why is this?

The skin reacts to being constantly rubbed and pressed on by creating something else for the offender to rub and press on instead. The nice, warm environment “down there” is a haven for bacteria that normally live inside pores which are now being swelled up from inflammation caused by the pressure and friction, so the bacteria thrive. Sometimes excess oil production also comes into play to create a kind of slip leading to impactions of blackhead material, other times it’s just inflammation creating swelling and nothing else. In both cases, hair is prevented from growing out of the follicle properly.

Prevention comes in the form of properly cushioning the skin. This means… hate to be the barer of bad news ladies… NO thong when wearing denim, tweed, twill or any other type of textured material. It also means NO LACE and no mesh underwear. EVER. There must be smooth, non-textured, 100% cotton underwear covering the entire affected area at all times. Many of my clients have enjoyed a great deal of relief from their ingrown problems just by changing completely to boy cut, or boy short, 100% cotton underwear.

Besides paying attention to what you’re wearing down there, you should also be careful when shaving. Using an old razor or going too quickly can also cause ingrown hairs. Work slowly and carefully when you’re getting rid of your pubic hair.

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  • Wizker Mann

    exfoliation with an ingrown hair brush works wonders.

  • Victoria

    Hi, I’ve been getting waxed for over a year now and I stopped shaving b/c if ingrown hairs. I exfoliate everyday using a the nutragina pomegranate wash, I also use witch hazel after showers but still have ingrown hairs! I wear cotton underwear half the time but feel like that’s not the problem?