My Friend’s Parents Think I’m Gay, But I Don’t Know If I Am Or Not

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taitai said:

“My friend’s parents think I’m gay, but I don’t know if I am. Actually, my friend told her parents that I was.

I didn’t think I was at the time, but now I think I might be. I want to tell people now. How do I tell my family that I’m gay?”

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  • Mackenzee

    Hey! Don’t sweat it. Just make sure that they know what you are going through, and if you need help, make sure they know how to help.

  • Lotrnerd616

    Oh my god, I can so relate! My friend told me that her and her mum were talking about me and my friend told her that I had a boyfriend. Her mum was like “Oh… But I thought she was gay!” I was so embarrassed as I’m bi so I was all like “Oh, damn. Is it obvious?” >_<

  • nerf-herder

    As a bisexual, I feel like I can give you some well needed advice
    Don’t make a snap judgment on who you are based on what someone else told you, you are.
    If YOU know you’re gay, if you’re attracted to member of the same sex then come out. But if YOU are not 100% certain, if YOU do not come up with the conclusion on your own then don’t say anything.
    Deciding your sexual identity is not as simple as “Oh so and so says I’m gay so I must be.” No one can tell you who you are but yourself.

  • Don’t sweat it

    Don’t do anything until you’re sure. Best to avoid that awkward scenario if you’re not certain. Also consider its possible you’re just bi, bi-curious, confused or any number of different sexual identities. Once you ARE sure then just tell them plain and simple. They might not care either way. I know I wouldn’t. And your friend sounds like an ass. . Sorry

  • Nicole

    if you’re seriously not sure about your sexuality then don’t come out.. wait until you’re 100 percent sure or at least dating someone of the same sex. that’s the best advice i can really give.. good luck in finding out who you really are!

  • Anonymous

    Then your friend isn’t a true friend.