What Does Your Favorite Disney Villain Say About You?

We love Disney Princesses, of course, but you know who we also love? The Disney Villains! Whether we love them or love to hate them, I’m not quite sure. Regardless, the Disney Villains are so bad in the best way.

They’re devious and crazy, but without them we wouldn’t have awesome plot lines to follow. Click on your favorite Disney Villain below to see what they say about you!

The Evil Queen


Cruella De Vil


Lady Tremaine

Queen Of Hearts


Mother Gothel

What does your favorite Disney Villain say about you? Did she match your personality? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Rose

    O.o I think the disney villainesess have been stalking me, because everything they said was true.

  • BenNelson

    I love Captain Hook from Peter Pan http://www.bcdb.com/cartoon/30-Peter_Pan.html

  • Mkay then

    No Dr. Facilier?

  • mfman14

    My fav is Maleficent and it describe me well

  • Amy

    I got Gothel and im soo like her

  • Jesse

    Ummm… where the hell’s Jafar?

  • Nemo

    No Frollo ? >:I

  • Becky

    I love ursula and the queen of hearts from alice in wonderland and mother gothel too!

  • anonymous

    My favorite is Ursula and that sounds just like me! I’m actually in The Little Mermaid right now and I play Scuttle.

  • purple–lvr

    haha I got Ursula and it describes me exactly.

  • LaLaLa

    I love Yzma. 🙂

  • Danielle

    I couldn’t decide between Yzma and Mother Gothel, so I decided to read both and they are both true about me!