10 Signs You’re A Bad Girlfriend

Remember how last week we gave you 10 signs to show that you might have a bad boyfriend? Well, blaming all relationship issues on the guy isn’t exactly fair… although us girls are lovely, sometimes we can be the cause of a bad relationship, too.

I don’t want you guys to think I’m picking on you or putting you down. Relationships are hard work and we all mess up sometimes. And when we’re the ones doing the wrong thing, it can sometimes be hard to convince ourselves of that. Being a bad girlfriend doesn’t mean you’re a bad person – it just means you may need to change some things, or take some time before you go into a serious relationship. If you’re worried about what kind of girlfriend you are, check out these signs that you just might be doing the wrong thing – and acting like a bad girlfriend.

Do you think you’re a bad girlfriend? Or do you think you have a bad boyfriend? What signs did we miss? Tell me in the comments.


I said I love you but I don’t mean it

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  • beautifuldangerous

    wow i got all the 10 signs. no wonder my boyfriend of 2 years left me and doesn’t want me anymore.

  • J

    I would say I have snooped a bit before, but not really out of lack of trust just curiousness but I don’t do that anymore cause I get that it isnt fair!

  • Punk Rock Emma

    He’s the one that kinda cried when we didnt talk like for three days because I was on vacation and tbh he’s not that bad.
    But idk I blame myself for the shit that happened.

  • rachael

    My boyfriend is all of those! I get told I am a bad girlfriend by people who don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. I googled definition of a bad girlfriend. But it doesn’t say a bad girlfriend. Cooks all your meals. Cleans. Washes your clothes. Buys you little things. Sends a text to say you think of them. Has friends and allows you to do what ever aslong as its not cheating. Also your girlfriend does all this and she works full time, same shifts as you. Still tries to make herself look nice and make a effort for him. Because I am about to fall apart here. This girl is me. And im so worn out. Tired! Emotional hurt. So I think that makes me a mug not a bad girlfriend as others say.

  • Ashleigh

    Well then I’m not

  • Jane

    my bfs friends don’t like me because he kinda ditched me for them.

  • alex

    I only got the #8 am I a bad gf than? :(

  • Alisa Cambridge

    Thank you for this. My bf constantly kept talkin bout i need to change this way and that way and i just thought his expectations of me where to high! reading this…o dear i realize he is right. i fall into MOST of these! HELP! WHERE CAN I START????

  • Bria Adams

    it helped alot thanks guys

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  • Rebecca A. Marquis

    Great article!