This School Has A No Makeup Day!

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Imagine going from all this makeup to no makeup! That’s what No Makeup Day is about. | Source: ShutterStock

In an attempt to embrace inner beauty, a high school in Texas is sponsoring a no makeup day. They’re calling it “Operation Beautiful” and it’s a way of making themselves and one another know that they don’t need makeup to be pretty. They’re right, of course–you don’t need makeup to be cute either! (But it’s fun to play with, right?)

The idea spawned when some of the girls at Plano Senior High School realized that they were spending an hour and 15 minutes getting ready for school everyday, doing their makeup and styling their hair. I say, whatever makes you feel confident–but that is a bit much for so early in the morning, isn’t it? Think of all the extra sleep you could get! And full disclosure: I barely spend that much time getting ready for dates.

To be clear, the gals aren’t anti-makeup whatsoever. They just want one day with no makeup to make a point. One of the students, Kim, explained in a YouTube video about the event, “We just really want to focus on, not that makeup isn’t a bad thing, we’re not trying to say that, you know, don’t wear makeup ever again. What we really want to do on this day is to prioritize bettering yourself on the inside rather than bettering yourself on the outside.”

Amen, sister! Check out their No Makeup Day video below.

Would you ever participate in a No Makeup Day? Would you go out with no makeup? How much time do you spend getting ready in the morning? Tell us in the comments!

This star posted a photo with no makeup to cover her skin!

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  • Jes

    I spend anywhere from 15-20 minutes getting ready. Half of that is making coffee and taking care of my dog, though. I pick out what ill wear the night before, quick brush my hair, my teeth, and wash the sleep from my eyes. I use to spend a lot more time in the morning getting ready and then one day I heard a statistic that said chances are the only thing people see when they look at you is your smile. So basically I just focused on smiling more and that is enough to make me feel ready. I still wear light make up for church, and weddings, but I don’t do it as a way to cover up my imperfections anymore. Covering up your imperfections aren’t nearly as important as fixing your faults. If you really want to prepare yourself and beautify yourself in the morning, read your bible and better your spirit. This I do at night 🙂

  • Katie

    I never wear makeup. That’s just asking for more acne.

  • Mackenzie

    In high school, I used to wake up at 5:00 and spend two hours getting ready every morning. Looking back, I was insane! Since I’ve been in college, I rarely wear makeup to school, maybe once a week, at the most. I’d rather get the extra few hours of sleep!

  • Taylor

    This is my everyday life. I don’t wear make-up at all, and let me tell you, it saves soooo much time its unbelievable. I love it

  • Cassandra

    ive never woren makeup unless for theater but i fell that this is an amazing idea because all girls are beautiful the way they are and they dont need makeup to feel beautiful

  • Clare

    When I don’t wear make-up to school or don’t have time to, I flip out.
    I take half an hour to do my make-up, but I wear just about every type of make-up for school except lip stuff.

    No make-up day sounds great… but the least I can handle is just foundation.

  • Popadom101

    I gave up makeup for lent, so I’ve been makeup free for a few weeks now , and I’m loving every bit of it

  • Marie

    That’s awesome!!! Girls, you’re beautiful the way ou are.

    Recently, I’ve started wearing makeup as little as possible. One day I realized that I had gotten to where I didn’t think about going out unless I had makeup on. I always admired girls who were totally cool with going bare, so I decided to be one of them. Best decision ever!! I don’t never wear makeup, but it’s not a daily ritual anymore. Which makes me feel extra special when I do wear it.

  • Tayylove96

    Im 16 I hardly wear make up, the farthest I go is eyeliner and wee eyeshadow and lipstick.