What You Had To Say About Losing Your Virginity

Earlier this week, we specifically shared things women wished they knew before having sex, but a lot of the time the comment sections are full of conversation about losing your virginity.

Whether you’re thinking about doing it or have already done it, the comments are full of advice, thoughts and personal stories related to the topic of virginity.

We’ve gone ahead and dug up a sample of some of the things that you all have shared with us and each other related to having sex for the first time. Have a look!

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From “Confession: Waiting Until Your Ready”


From “My First Time Having Sex”

Do you have something you want to share about virginity? Tell us in the comments. 


Setting The Record Straight On Virginity Myths

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  • Pamela Sanchez

    Or at least to someone of OUR choosing. In my case, to some NICE guy who treats me well and whom I like, and not to just any old black thug who lays eyes on me and decides that the fact that I won’t have anything to do with him on purpose makes him “mad” because he thinks he “owns” me and “has a right to” me. In other words, to my boyfriend or fiancee and not to just any passer-by thug on the street.

  • Pamela Sanchez

    I found this blog when I was looking up on Google “why womens’ virginity means nothing to the black community.” Still haven’t found my answer. I was trying to find literature on losing one’s virginity to rape. And kind of wondering, even after all these years AFTER the Mike Tyson incident, the black community still sides with the RAPIST and has no sympathy whatsoever for the virgin. Guess I keep looking, eh? (I still maintain that if Mike Tyson had done that to a WHITE virgin he would either still be in jail or have gotten the death penalty…but as I recall, because the virgin he ruined was black, all he got was “he didn’t even do anything to her” and “he didn’t hurt her any.” DIDN’T HURT?!?! I broke all ties with my “family” back then, over that and other things about the way black men treated me both back then and even to this day.)

  • Jasmine Nash


  • ass104

    I lost my virginity at age 6 OMG! so fucking badass!

  • growinguplovely

    tbch, if I had any advice to give, knowing that it could be sincerely helpful to a girl is to completely wait. with hormones and feelings and especially emotions, I know that a simple makeout session can lead to sex & in the moment, it feels like the right moment as if you’re ready. but I’m telling you right now, you really aren’t ready. I remember losing my virginity. I was 14 almost 15. sadly enough it was after church & my boyfriend and I were home alone. out of boredom, us making out led to us having sex on his parents couch. & I’m telling you right now, in the moment it is very enjoyable. your feelings are indescribable, but the after math of it all leaves you with guilt or a different feeling other than regret. I do not regret having sex with him, although after that we did break up. we still keep in touch.
    besides my story, Id like to take the time and hope little girls out there take the time or our taking the time now to read what I’m about to say.
    NO GUY & I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NO GUY, IS WORTH YOUR VIRGINITY AT THIS AGE. do not let them take something so fragile and important from you, so young. all that matters is your ready ness. so please be ready.

  • Emilia

    My first time was not awkward at all. If it’s with someone you love it should be special. Not gonna lie, I was so scared, and I needed a little push to do it. It hurts at first, but then starts to feel good, and it’s totally worth the little bit of pain. It brings you a lot closer to the person and makes you trust them more. Just tell your SO to go slow, or else it won’t be a pleasant experience. I am also religious, and I don’t regret having sex at all. Good luck!