Why So Much Hate For The Female Condom?

female condom

Maybe people are just mad that it’s hard to find a female condom in colors like these. | Source: Shutterstock

A new version of the female condom is coming out, and the creators are hoping that this one will get a little more love than the original.

The previous version of the female condom was made of latex, which some people can be allergic or sensitive to, and some people who used it complained about it having a distracting rustling sound during intercourse. Fair enough–not everything is for everybody!

The new female condom, dubbed FC2, is made of synthetic latex to avoid allergic reactions, and it warms up to body temperature, which gives it a more natural feel–and it can be stored anywhere, unlike the first female condoms, which had to be kept away from direct sunlight or else they’d be destroyed. You can also use lube on the new female condom, which you couldn’t before.

While we can understand if people hated the female condom because it’s uncomfortable or not as enjoyable to use, some people hate on the female condom because they think it absolves men from having any sexual responsibility. To which we say–wait, what?

Just like we can buy male condoms, guys can buy female condoms. Everyone’s sexual health is his or her own responsibility, regardless of who wears what in bed. The female condom isn’t a tool to make men get off scott-free, just like the male condom wasn’t designed for you to just lay there and let stuff happen. It’s simply adding another option to the sexual health arsenal. If you’re with a partner who doesn’t think it’s his job to be safe, then you’re with the wrong dude. Period.

Do you think people should try the female condom? Do you think using a female condom absolves guys of sexual responsibility? Would you ever try a female condom? Tell us in the comments!

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  • bethany hill

    I don’t think it is a good idea for people who have kids or who want kids because it tells you about comdoms and I don’t think people would want to read about them