More Facebook Changes – What You Can Expect From The New News Feed

Hold on… what’s that I hear? Oh – is it moaning and groaning and whining and complaining from nearly every Facebook friend I have? Yes, yes it is. Get ready for your (new) Facebook News feed to be filled with the expected hate comments – “MORE new changes?! Are you kidding me?!” or “I miss the old Facebook!” or the ever popular “So ready to delete my Facebook now, Mark Zuckerberg, you suck!” – because FB has made some major changes, yet again.

Spoiler alert: no one is going to delete their Facebook, everyone will complain either about the changes or about the people complaining about the changes, and within a few weeks, everyone will have accepted the differences in their News feed.

Facebook held a major conference yesterday in order to show off their brand new News feed. While I was a silent complainer of the last Facebook transformation (I just thought about it a lot), I have to say that I’m intrigued by these newer changes. The new News feed looks… kind of cool, actually.

What’s going to happen to everyone’s least-favorite favorite site? From what I’ve heard, the redesign of the Facebook News feed looks eerily similar to Google+, but I don’t use Google+, so I can’t say for sure. What I do know is that these changes were made in order to make Facebook as “simple” as possible.

So, what can we expect from the new News feed? Here are the three biggest changes you’ll notice:

More Images
I think the biggest thing is that pictures are going to be larger – in fact, images will take up about 50 percent of your News feed once these changes roll out. I don’t hate this. Pictures are my favorite part of FB and I like the idea of seeing them more in my News feed. The images are supposed to be more “vibrant,” meaning viewing will be improved.

Multiple Feeds
The other big change you’ll notice is that there are now multiple feeds to choose from in order to view your Facebook the way you want to. You can see only your Most Recent stories, or if you want to keep tabs on everyone, check out All Friends. If you’re only into seeing Music or Photos, those are also options (among other things). Basically, this is meant to be an easier way to organize your Newsfeed and to let you see what you’re most interested in.

More Consistency
And if you use Facebook on your phone or tablet device a lot, expect things to get pretty familiar: Facebook took cues from their mobile apps and now the site will look exactly the same on all platforms. I have to say, that consistency will definitely be a plus for me.

But don’t expect to see these changes this weekend. Right now, the new News feed actually has a waiting list. You can join right here, although no one really seems to know when they’ll actually get it, whether you join the waiting list or not.

All in all, I think these changes actually seem pretty refreshing. I love how my Facebook app looks on my iPhone, so if they’re going to be the same across the board, that works for me. The images I’ve seen so far look pretty cool. And I know the changes can be frustrating, but really, how boring would it be if the site stayed exactly the same for, like, 10 years? Think about it.

What do you think about the Facebook changes? Are you excited or sick of all the new redesigns? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Jack

    For some reason they gave it to me, and I wasn’t even on a freakin wait list.
    I went on FB one day and BAM! My newsfeed was different.
    It’s awful, and I hate it.
    It gives you even less option on what you want to look at, plus it shows you recommended pages. Who wants that?

    • sharon

      I so agree. There it was and I hate it. I lost all my favorite TV shows, books, movies etc. I do have favorite music and some of my likes. Can’t add movies or the rest of it now because the boards are missing. I may as well use Internet Explorer to pull up favorites. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. I wouldn’t rebuild my favorites even if I could.

  • tim chapman

    the next thing the guy that owns facebook should do something about that cite that has all the roll playing . when u have a kidd that doesnt do what there suppose to i am getting tired of being yelled at by a kidd cause they dont want to do there chores and what ever else they should be doing. other then that i am very excited about the new changes up and coming thank you.

  • Lisa Chaves

    Seriously, Facebook! Your beginning to look more like Yellow Pages to me!

  • Callie

    i’m done with these changes.. why can’t it be something else… that’s not like that…