What Is Molly?

what is molly

Molly isn’t a person, but rather a pretty scary drug. Source: Shutterstock

There are things out in the world that make me very nervous, and “molly” is the latest in this line of stuff that freaks me out. I’m not talking about any of you out there named Molly, but rather molly the drug. When I started hearing some of the lax attitudes toward it, I decided we need to set the record straight on what exactly it is and why it’s not something you should be doing. At all.

You’ve maybe heard about molly in relation to ecstasy. So what’s the difference? The Partnership At Drugfree.org breaks it down, explaining that the chemical MDMA is used in ecstasy, but often there is other stuff laced in. What sets molly apart then is that it is “considered to be pure MDMA” that comes in the form of a powder or a crystal. Molly also has been found to generally appeal to a younger group, usually around 16-24 years old.

According to U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration also points out that MDMA is considered a “party drug” that works as both a “stimulant and psychedelic.” Basically, it affects certain areas of your brain, which gives the user a high that also messes with your perception.

One NBC affiliate in Virginia noted that people seem to be under the impression that because it’s “pure,” molly is somehow “safer” to take than ecstasy is. Two things about that. First of all, as their article points out, there’s no way to actually know what is in molly when you take it. It’s not regulated (since it is illegal), so there is still a chance it could be laced with something else. In fact, according to a report from The Grio, substances labeled as “molly” didn’t always have MDMA, but sometimes other substances like methylone. Seriously, you have no idea what harmful stuff could be in it.

Second, it’s not like MDMA by itself is even safe. According to the DEA, it’s a “Schedule I drug,” which means it isn’t used for any medical reasons and it has a high chance of being abused. There are all sorts of negative effects when you take MDMA. Some of them are psychological, like anxiety; some of them are physical, like nausea. The side effects can get even more serious, including leaving your body unable to regulate its temperature which can lead to serious complications, including death.

I’m just not seeing how people could say molly isn’t harmful. Just because it is this “party drug” taken in these “fun” environments, in no way does that mean that it isn’t a big deal or something seriously dangerous and sketchy. I know sometimes parties can breed pressure to try things or its just considered part of the “fun,” but seriously, your health is not worth risking over something like molly.

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  • Chris

    I have a difficult time understanding ‘peer pressure’ in a party environment or setting. When I was a teenager attending a party my brother who was 5 years older then me came to a party of my friends. All of the kids were my age. He brought with him pot. Most of the kids were smoking it. When they were passing around the bag of dope and note paying attention, I took the dope, went upstairs and flushed it down the toilet. It didn’t take long for Will, my brother, to figure out I took the dope. He went after me big time and so did my so called ‘friends’. I left and went home very upset that my friends didn’t stop Will from attacking me or even standing up for me. Still, over the remainder of the weekend I got several calls from the party goers checking up on me to make sure I was okay and surprisingly, thanking me for what I did. Still, they asked for my secrecy in that they supported me. It should be said that I was not one of the popular kids. In fact, I was one of the least popular. So you see you can stand up to peer pressure and come out on top.

  • Must be a Weasley

    HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT just don’t take drugs end of story.

  • Courtney

    Actually, the rate of how many people use the drug really depends on the location. Where I live I have seen people between the ages of 13-24 on this drug as well as a couple men in their early 40s. The drug is so hyped up in the media that everyone believes it is okay. But it is not as much different as alcohol nor marijuana which is becoming legal now. Oh, and the regulators on body temp. not working is completely true. I remember one person I saw was literally taking his hoodie off and putting it on over and over. and sometimes he’d walk outside in 10 degree weather with just a tee’shirt on because he couldn’t tell what his body temperature was.


    To be totally on one side of the fence or the other is quite closed minded especially if you have no real life experience with such substances. It’s no different than alcohol in many respects in that having just one or two drinks in the safety of your home is harmless and will only relax you a bit. In the same way small doses of Molly will give you a warm euphoric like body high with no “trippieness” or wierd mental stuff. I’ve been married for years and found that this substance is great for re-exciting my wife and I’s sex life. We took small doses of Molly last night and the sex was like being a teenager again. Way more effectionate, way more foreplay, a lot longer lasting (cause ur body feels so good you don’t want it to end), and exciting like it was our first time together again. It usually takes us 30 minutes just to get past simply hugging each other that’s how good it feels just to be touched. Just like drinking too much can make you sick and throw up or even kill you Molly is no different. As a responsible adult moderation is the responsibillity of each individual. Too much of anything is usually a bad thing, but the right amount in the right envirnment can be bliss. It’s not for everyone but that’s what makes us individuals. Different strokes for different folks, but don’t go knocking something because a few people are irresponsible with it or because it’s not for you. I hate mayonaise. Does that mean that I should lobby for it to be outlawed for everyone?

    • dontech


      • Security Specialist

        Just to be clear,understanding that you have taken a likeness to this drug let me ask you how you would feel if your 14 year old son and his friends as well are using this drug? And how do you feel about these kids reading this and thinking its ok this guy said its cool why shouldn’t we do it…then one or more of them die from? Have you read what the side effects? What if it was to kill you or your wife from it how do you think your family’s would feel? You should feel like a fool for even letting people know that you give it to your wife!

    • awkwardGal22

      However, mayonnaise* can’t kill you (unless you’re severely allergic to the ingredients in it of course, which most of the time people with the allergy avoid such substances). Molly can in fact kill you. When on Molly, not everyone is responsible anymore, just like drinking. So, can you really expect people to be responsible and take the right amount(which people are probably unsure of)? Absolutely not! There are other ways to make sex better with your wife without Molly, I’m sure you can live without it, literally(okay that’s not funny).

  • Andrea Lehman

    As a “flower child of the sixties” LSD was a halucinagenic legal drug, sometimes laced with “meth” and experimented with by many young teenagers. It could be wonderful and graphic, distorting our three dimensional reality, if you could handle such a radical illusion, fine…if not, you could find yourself like Art Linkletter’s son; one very dead human being – unable to fly like a bird but giving it the old college try. Drugs that serve no medicinal purpose should not be considered by anyone for any reason, legal or otherwise.

  • Alex

    I’m living in Asia. When I read the noun called ” Molly ” for the first time , it was in The New York Times newspaper column. Apparently, it’s not common in teenagers because of our culture and serious penalty.

  • Mary Jane

    Popped a molly im sweatin’.

  • R. Michael Rosensweig

    So what about illegal drugs like this. The FDA approves drugs every day that are just as harmful to people, as well as treatments and surgeries that are totally unnecessary. Since law enforcement has not made the slightest dent in illegal drug use anyway.. what’s the point in posting these articles.. If there is anyone who trusts our government still, get out of America. They are a collage of idiots telling all how to live and do nothing for America anyway, that is beneficial.

    • Stephanie White

      Your kind of on the dumber side huh?……. I take it you do not have children… I will give you points though about the govt. And the f.d.a…… But since when do two wrongs make a right? I have a 20yr daughter who does this drug …. And it has ruined her…. She can not deal with any kind of emotions on a rational basis anymore…she is numb inside….. But i guess if you think that s o.k…… Drugs have and always will be around but it is and always has been a persons choice on this subject…but its ruining a whole lot more than we as a society can even see….. 40-50 yrs from when they have kids…..regrets will set in …damage will be done….. So let us wait and see if your 2 wrongs make a right…. I am betting they don’t….. Its really sad the govt. Is just as bad…

      • molly molly

        its hard to take you seriously when you…….. write……. like…… this…..

    • Must be a Weasley

      are you an american?