10 Totally Crushable Book Babes

Who here loves reading? From one book lover to another, let me just say Happy World Book Day! Yes, I love that books can take you to new worlds and get you thinking, but you can’t just forget about those big-time crushes developed on characters over the years.

Maybe there weren’t illustrations, but you just knew they were hotties, amirite? Even if it wasn’t what my teachers had initially planned, crushing on book characters led me to read constantly. Hey, as long as I was reading, right?

We’ve thought about some of those great literary guys that proved to be totally crush-worthy. In honor of World Book Day, here are ten books that are great on their own, but even better because they all feature some dream boyfriends that’ll make you swoon.

Did you have a crush on any of these book guys? What literary lads did we leave off of our list (alliteration!)? Share your tips in the comments!


Got a celeb crush? Then we may have found a perfect book for you…

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  1. avatar Fran says:

    I love Ron and Seamus from Harry Potter!! I also love Valentine Howard from ;The Remarkable Life and Times of Eliza Rose’, he is soooo swoon-worthy (as is Four)!!

  2. avatar Hansani says:

    Sirius Black!! and Michael Moretti! <3

  3. avatar Rachael says:

    what about Percy Jackson?!?!

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  5. avatar EvelynLove says:

    I fast-forwarded the list just to see if Mr. Darcy was in. I wouldn’t cope with it if he wasn’t in. I love him. Most ardently.

  6. avatar Talia says:

    Oh my, I sincerely HOPE nobody had a crush on Holden! How self destructive!

  7. avatar Laurence says:

    I’ve read the first (and only) two books in the Divergent series, and I hereby confirm that Four is absolutely deliciously swoon-worthy!!!

    Oh and check out Adrian Ivashkov from Richelle Mead’s Bloodlines series. Now THAT is someone I dream about…..

  8. avatar Kirsten says:

    DUDE I had the BIGGEST crush on Seamus Finnigan! Still do, hehe

  9. avatar Jillian says:

    I love Harry and Peeta. And I have too many book babe crushes to be considered healthy….

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