12 Cartoon Movies From The ’90s You Probably Forgot About

When I think about my favorite cartoon movies as a kid, the first thing that pops into my head is, obviously, Disney. I used to watch The Little Mermaid every single day and all of the other movies were also big favorites. In fact, Disney movies were such a huge part of my childhood that I sometimes forget there were, you know, other movies that I watched and liked – until I hear the name of the movie and I go “OMG, I forgot about that!”

Once I put together this list of my old favorites, I realized once again just how amazing they are. How could I ever forget about them?! I know I can’t be the only one who loved these movies. Check out these 12 cartoon movies from the ’90s (well, most are from the ’90s – a few are from the late ’80s, but they still count!) that you probably forgot about:


All Dogs Go To Heaven

Fun fact: I used to be terrified of this movie. Like, beyond terrified. I honestly could not tell you why. But it scarred me for life and just hearing the name of it would make me burst into tears. I was a weird kid.


The Brave Little Toaster

This was another movie that I was pretty afraid of, but I could watch this one without having nightmares for a month. Who knew a movie about talking appliances could be so weirdly charming?


The Page Master

A library where you can find yourself literally in the middle of scenes from classic books? I want to go to there.


A Goofy Movie

Um, only one of the best cartoon movies of all time. I’m disgusted with myself that I forgot about it. Did anyone else sort of have a crush on Max? Don’t lie.


The Land Before Time

It was this movie that made me wish dinosaurs had never gone extinct. And that’s just crazy.



Who doesn’t love a movie about a cute hero dog who rescues people? No one. It never gets old.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This was such a great movie and now I want to watch it again. Also, I sort of want to be Esmeralda. Anyone else?



You know how when you were a kid, you sort of wanted to get temporary amnesia, even though you knew it was bad, because you thought it would be sort of cool? Yeah well, Anastasia didn’t help with that.


James And The Giant Peach

To be totally honest, I liked the book better than the movie. But still… this is kind of a classic.



I can’t think of a better word to describe this movie than magical. Because it was seriously magical. Ahhh, now I want to watch it again!


FernGully: The Last Rainforest

Um, I’m literally dying right now because I forgot all about this until it popped up on Wikipedia. Does anyone have a copy they could lend me? Please? Please?!


The Iron Giant

This may be the newest movie on this list, but that doesn’t make it any less wonderful. This made us all look at giant robot things differently – also, does it remind anyone else of Iron Man?


Which of these movies is your favorite? Have you watched any of them recently? What did I miss? Tell me in the comments!


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  • kyle

    Yeah i watched all dogs go to heaven 1 and 2 earlier today.i prefer 2 tho

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  • lisa

    Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night

  • Otakumaster

    Is it weird I know all of these?

  • Someone

    Dammit, why doesn’t Cats Don’t Dance, ever make this list! It was a Warner Bros classic.

  • Griz

    If you ‘forgot’ about any of these movies you are a failure. not to be mean. but these are some of the best movies from my childhood, all pretty popular. Also We’re Back A Dinosaur Story prob could have made your list of awesome movies.

  • bob smith

    Ferngully is on Netflix

  • Larry

    Learn to read, Echo. Seriously, it’ll make you not look stupid and rude.

  • Cymia

    I love how the majority of these are Don Bluth films though that’s because his work was great. Only other classic movies from him that are missing on this are The Secret of Nimh, and An American Tail. There are others missing from this list such as a few GoodTime Entertainment films. And others like The Swan Princess, Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland (came to NA in 92 so it’s technically 90’s then again most of these aren’t from the 90’s but late 80’s so this can slide lol), Cats Don’t Dance, and many others. Glad we all had great movie experiences as children.

  • Darian

    OMG. I loved Balto as a kid and still do!!!! Seriously one of my all time favorite movies.

  • Christy

    Honestly if you rewatch the brave little toaster you will be horrified that you watched that as a child. I did that a couple years ago and could barely make it through the movie.
    I know a couple of those were Disney but still good movies. Either way good picks. Ferngully is definitely mu favorite and I’m so glad I own it. Same as Thumbelina. 🙂

  • Chris

    Actually the first land before time animated film came out in 1988 and so isn’t a 90’s movie, but a lot of it’s sequels were made in the 90’s.

  • Havokthecat

    All great movies, as for Goofy Movie i had a crush on the popstar i think his name was Powerline 😛 Would watch the end on repeat when i was about 6 years old all the time and wished he has more screentime haha