8 Ways To Prevent PMS Symptoms Before They Happen

Ugh, PMS symptoms are the absolute worst. I don’t think anyone looks forward to the inevitable bloating, cramping, headaches and overall feeling of misery that happens once a month along with nature’s little gift to us girls. I believe it’s safe to say that we would all try just about anything to prevent these things from happening.

Unfortunately, I’m not here to tell you about some miracle cure, but now that I think about it, why hasn’t that been created yet? Anyway, while there’s no one thing you can do or take that will banish your PMS symptoms forever, there are a few things you can do to try to prevent them from happening before they take over. Ready to have the best period ever… kind of? Check out these eight ways to help stop PMS:

How do you prevent PMS? Do you get really bad PMS symptoms? How do you make yourself feel better? Share your tips in the comments!


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